vrijdag 11 december 2020

Uffe Lorenzen - Magisk Realisme - Top 20 Push

 Top 20 of 2020 album push post!


As we approach that jump off date of December 13 for the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown of 2020; and as we see all the lists rolling in and all those wonderfully chosen albums, we count ourselves lucky for all that participation and we count ourselves extremely lucky to see all those different and weird choices being made. It also me wonder about some albums that seem to fall off those lists at the end of the year, the ones that I assumed would end higher or are so favored by myself or the Stoner HiVe Team that I asked them if they would want to say a few words about the album they would love to see end up high or even on the number 1 position of this year’s Stoner HiVe To 20 Countdown

To kick things off, here’s that album pusher promotion post of the honorable Doktor420!  

Uffe Lorenzen - Magisk Realisme

Uffe? WhoTheFuck is Uffe? No, I guess we all know Uffe! You might know him under the moniker Lorenzo, the mastermind of Baby Woodrose, many of his other bands or any of his solo records. He released his 3rd solo album "Magisk Realisme" in September. I like his calm voice and can also dig his acoustic Danish psych folk but what i missed, was the energy laden garage rock of Baby Woodrose. In Magisk Realisme he infused more Lorenzo vibe, so we get back my beloved Heavy Psych Folk Rock - imagine Arbouretum ate Baby Woodrose seeds. It's pure Uffe! Beside few additional instruments (cello, trumpet, pedal steel guitar), in some songs, the drummer of On Trial and frontman of Spids Nøgenhat and Dragontears played all by himself. Check this dude's bands out, if you like Monster Magnet, obviously a major influence. And check out Magisk Realisme, one of the best albums of 2020!

(Written by Doktor420)

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