zondag 13 december 2020

Number 20



Number 20

Last year we made this weird remark about the beginning of the end of humanity when we put up the Number 20 of 2019. This year the end of humanity seemed upon us for a moment or two, right? Cause c'mon, for a moment there we all assumed the pandemic would turn at least some of us into zombies? Cause c'mon the amount of zombies in popular culture can't be for nothing? It might have been sign?It might all have been a sign? In fact the amount of albums released this year with omens or signs in the title, is also a bit disturbing. One of them features proudly on the Number 20 position of 2020. Their doom rock, their occult touches and their sludgy moments have gotten better with every release these four from Poland have put out. And now they’ve infused it with deliriously tasty space rock moments and dope ass psych. Never quite reaching that first spot on the Doom Charts the album stayed on it for quite some months. Which is logical when the peaks are so high and the energy so wild. With every track delivering gloriously evil momentum and the perfect beat to do that twisted little dance with the devil. Number 20 for your pleasure and that of Satan!

Dopelord – Sign Of The Devil




Green Plague Records

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