zondag 20 december 2020

Number 14



Number 14

Man, how I have been loving that Black Rainbows album! And I would have definitely loved, thought and hoped it would have ended higher than Number 15. Same goes for more albums that we passed and that did not even make the Top 20 Countdown of 2020. But that’s how it goes. And that’s exactly what happened to Number 14 as well! How can this album not be higher on the list? What will be in the Top 10 if we find this pure masterpiece on Number 14? We make a bigger jump in points for this album; we climb 136 points from Number 15 to reach Number 14. All of their albums have always been one long trip, filled with tension arcs that demand exploration, devotion and adoration. The new record is no different and probably takes it all to the next level. the final piece in a trilogy that started back in 2017. Filled with long winded yet highly entertaining jams, rock tracks that have this intense pop side and rock that shimmies up against folk and prog. The biggest effort though is heard in a piece of art, a five pieces, piece of art. Five pieces make up the ending section of the album and gives us forty minutes of brilliant prog rock and a multitude of melodic themes. Fresh and vital sounding meandering sections of strings and almost otherworldly compositions, sounding so effortlessly and so unabashedly musical and precise. And unendingly inspirational; it will make you dream and it will make you want to create… On Number 14:

Motorpsycho – The All Is One




Rune Grammofon

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