zaterdag 12 december 2020

I Saw The Deep – Vimana - Top 20 Push


Top 20 of 2020 album push post!

As we approach that jump off date for the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown of 2020; we notice that certain highly loved albums aren’t getting the number of votes we hoped they would. So we enlisted the help of the Stoner HiVe Team to try and do one last push to get them higher on the end list…

Up next is the pusher promotion post by Joop Konraad!

I Saw The Deep – Vimana


Being the guy entering all the lists doing all the tallying, I notice some of my Top 10 albums of 2020 not getting enough votes. I could actually make a promo post about a lot of them! Grrr! And yes, it’s actually quite distressing to see only a handful of votes for Kayleth’s 2020 Back To Earth and Elden’s Nostromo pass before my eyes. But I’ve chose to commit to doing my PR work for I Saw The Deep and their Vimana release! Vimana is a gigantic slab of doom, progressive and psychedelic and with a massive amount of heaviness. Heavy and deep sci-fi rock, which features power rock drumming with metal riffing and grungy vocals, all combined through experimental escapades. A cathedral of sound! Full of prog, space, stoner and doom. Executed to such an amazing degree with such a freakin awesome amount of heaviness. Seriously! This is stunning! Stunning when it was released in February, stunning now and stunning me for the rest of eternity!






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