zaterdag 26 december 2020

Number 7



Number 7

That Sun Crow album that was there on the first day of Christmas at Number 8 just a minute or two ago, gets dwarfed by almost a hundred and twenty points by the album we find on Number 7. An album, we must confess, we were pretty late to get hip to. The rest of Doom Chart Contributors were already grooving to this beast of an album and voting it up on the Doom Charts before it could grab us, pull us in an infect us with its mountainous riffs and rhythms. Intensely dynamic and continuously shifting color; the nine tracks on this album move from classic sounding hard rock and metal to stoner infused new day magnificence. Yes, for these guys its an effortlessly small step from the seventies psych, jam and blues to harmony and heavy trucking from the nineties. They’ve got their very own strange kind of magic and it will spellbind you and slowly infect you with its addictiveness. On Number 7 we find!

Bonehawk – Iron Mountain 






Cursed Tongue Records

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