donderdag 17 december 2020

Number 16



 Number 16

We pass Arcadian Child on Number 17 with only 17 points to find ourselves on the Number 16 position, which once again features two albums. And I must confess that the amount of votes for one of them really surprised me, not because I do not dig the album or understand the heaviness, I guess I just did not dive deep enough into it as all of you did. Even though it featured highly on the Doom Charts. But we’ll mention the other one first; cause that was a HiVe favorite and one mentioned by that dastardly Reek of Stoom. He wrote something like: “Seven titanic tracks of first-degree sensorial assault. Crunch, crush and charisma - seismic bass tones pinning currents of savage Stoner riffery with clean, clear vocals soaring like a hunting Kestrel. Jazz-infused beats suddenly give way to Doomy smatterings of harsh abrasive riffs, pierced by sweet guitar noodles. The album delivers breadth, width and height: the full dimensions of Modern Underground Metal in all it's geometric gelignite.” Right on! The other release is a classic in every sense of the word, classic metal, classic hardrock and classic compositions. It’s classy, has many albums outclassed and is almost unclassifiable. Sorry about that, we just dove deep into this magical Melbourne time machine and saw the proto-metal, seventies hardrock and eighties metal in all its glory; it made me flutter like a butterfly… On Number 16:

Ritual King – Ritual King

Butterfly – Doorways of Time

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Ripple Music

Butterfly Bandcamp

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