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Stoner HiVe’s Top 10 Most Listened Artists Last Week…



Stoner HiVe’s
Top 10 Most Listened Artists Last Week…

The Black Flamingo
High Leaf
Vermillion Whisky
Modern Witchcraft
Sonic Moon
Deer Lord
Tropic Santos

We’re back from Austria and will soon be ready for action again… Only have to sift through about 300 emails on the Stoner HiVe account and a similar amount for the Doom Charts… Had a great snowboarding trip and listened to loads of Doom Charts Top 100 albums of 2023 over there, what a year it was, what quality! Let’s hope 2024 will bring a few as tasty as 2023 did! The list above is actually from the week before… And you know what time it is this Friday right? The first Friday of the new month, the Regular January Edition of the Doom Charts… All of you ready for it?

vrijdag 19 januari 2024

Off to ride a mountain…



Off to ride a mountain… 


All the work for the Doom Charts is finished and I managed to even write-up a mention or two for the Stoner HiVe. Did you listen to Caroozer or The Black Flamingo yet?

All the rent-paying work is done as well and 2024 beckons to be enjoyed! So, I’m off to ride a mountain or two in Austria. Back in a week… And I don’t know about you, but I’m taking that Doom Charts Top 100 Albums of 2023 with me and will continue enjoying the rundown while riding down them slopes!

Seeya’ll in a week!

Doom Charts Top 100 Albums of 2023



Doom Charts Top 100 Albums of 2023

It has arrived!

The Doom Charts Top 100, expertly tallied by Remi VL and voted for throughout the year by all those crazy Contributors!

100 amazing albums from the Heavy Underground, (out of a total list of 2424 albums) and I can honestly say, once again, that I love'm all... Perhaps one or two a bit less and a heap a bit more...

But they're all freaking stunning pieces of art!  🤘

Started the Top 100 rundown with Vermilion Whiskey 's Crimson & Stone!

That hot and steamy, Southern tinged, Bourbon soaked, stoner infused, metal and hardrock gem!
Take a sip of that whiskey!
And get drunk on the entire Top 100!

Doom Charts Top 100 Albums of 2023

Caroozer - The Brewtal Truth



Caroozer - The Brewtal Truth
Daredevil Records – 2024
Metal, Thrash, Stoner, Groove
Rated: ***

Ready to hit the road with some fast paced motör metal? Five-piece Caroozer from Leipzig, Germany has eight metal tracks for you in store on their new The Brewtal Truth. There are elements of thrash, some stoner trucking and a massive groove. Fourth track Drive By can easily be called pure  Groove Metal, delicious guitar work opening up the track later on, but not before you get this majestic groove, a kick ass punch and a machine gun rattle of riffs! There are definitely moments when you feel that Bay Area vibe shining through, but then they push the groove in overdrive and they turn a different corner. The Hobo’s Waltz with its sludge tones; often punching home like a shotgun blast to the stomach. And than that wild guitar towards the end! Cause well, you can't solve all the world's problems with a shotgun guitar. Although I reckon Caroozer could, with a shotgun guitar, groove metal and a bottle of beer!

(Written by JK)




Dare Devil Records Bandcamp

The Black Flamingo - An-Nûr



The Black Flamingo - An-Nûr
Subsound Records – 2024
Rock, Psych, Stoner, Instrumental
Rated: ***

They hail from Rome, Italy and have named their first full-sized album after ‘the light of the heavens and earth, and His light clarifies and reveals, both physically and spiritually!’. An-Nûr, the Light that is Allah. Now, I’m not a religious man in any form of religion and have a believe that everything is way bigger than any of the religions can possibly understand. And the fact that there are so many ‘different’ belief systems could of course be seen as a finger point in that direction. But none of that truly matters in that connect the dots great scheme of things, for whatever you choose to believe, it’s yours. And you should keep it that way. Hold on to it if it gives you comfort, or meaning and most importantly, love. Now, I am uncertain if the three from The Black Flamingo are religious or have attained deeper mystical knowledge thanks to a few Ayahuasca ceremonies, but after a first three track EP called Mictlan that deep dived into the South American belief system, I choose to believe that these three cats are in search of that bigger thing. That thing that connects everything. The one thing they will never attain, but to strife for it, is the entire reason for doing so. Can we hear that journey in their new six track album An-Nûr? I believe there is definitely a journey here, one that everyone can partake in. Six instrumental psychedelic offerings, that always spill some stoner rocking blood after going through atmospheric and almost post-rock soundscape tapestries. The new almost fourteen minute long version of their Ayahuasca closing the album and being the perfect example of what The Black Flamingo does best. The lighter than air beginning, the slow building scene setting, the minute growth towards something denser, the noise inspired break, letting that linger until a new build up towards what you would expect is an explosive ending begins. But they do that twice, and only second time around the bend to they extend it all towards the pay-off, which feels like blessing. And after that you can easily return, like Ouroboros, to that opening Selk’nam track, which pays homage to the original inhabitants of Tierra Del Fuego. An-Nûr, in that way becomes this unending search, and that might have been what the three were aiming for. Or it might just be my take on it. And if so, I will hold on to it, cause it gives me comfort, meaning and an eternal love for everyone and everything on this planet…

(Written by JK)




donderdag 18 januari 2024

Witchsnake - Deathcult Of The Snake



Witchsnake - Deathcult Of The Snake
Regain Records – 2023
Metal, Doom, Psych, Occult, Acid, Sludge

Released at the very end of '23 but not listened by me until this year, 2024 kicks of with a huge slab of filthy proto-doom. Riffs chiseled out of ancient sacred stones and brought to life with fuzz boxes and distortion turned up to maximum overdrive set the bedrock for the gravel voiced vocalist to recite the tales of woe contained within - nod of the head to Lemmy. Solid production give the heaviness a pleasing solidity that should get everyone's head nodding. This is the good shit.

(Written by Tony Maim)




Regain Records

Doom Charts – 2023 Favorites – Joop Konraad


Doom Charts - 2023 Favorites

Joop Konraad

My own list of Personal Favorites from 2023 went live on the Doom Charts yesterday. Head on over to the page and see what I thought I had to say about my 25 Favorite albums...  Some of the words were of course already posted on Stoner HiVe... But some are brand new... Like for instance for: WIJ – Prestwór , Queens of The Stone Age – In Times New Roman…Hibernaut – Ingress , Phe – Nothing Else Is Real , Iron Jinn – Iron JinnApex Ten – Aashray and Black Rainbows – Superskull

Doom Charts – 2023 Favorites – Joop Konraad

Stoner HiVe’s Top 10 Most Listened Artists Last Week…



Stoner HiVe’s
Top 10 Most Listened Artists Last Week…

Sivert Hoyem
Pumping Flamingo
Les Moontunes
Purple Kong
The Devils
Ruff Majik
Sonic Demon

This list should have gone up on Monday of course… But we were incredibly busy with all those Favorites of 2023 lists from all of them cool Doom Charts Contributors. But since we’re nearing the end of that run… Time is opening up. So, here’s that list. Topped by that new On An Island album by Sivert Hoyem. Stunning new work! And Pumping Flamingo underneath, featuring members of that amazing The Brigade band from Norway. Les Moontunes came at us from Remi VL, and yes, we dig that weird and psychedelic jazz! And now, we’ll try to get a few things done in the next two days before we head off to Austria for a bit of off time and snowboarding…

donderdag 11 januari 2024

Per Wiberg - Dead Sky Lullaby



Per Wiberg - Dead Sky Lullaby


We professed our love for everything Mr. Wiberg comes up with on multiple occasions and we shall continue to do so! And we still spin that amazing All Is Well In The Land Of The Living But For The Rest Of Us . . . Lights Out album from 2021 on many nights! And the maestro is about to release a new album through Despotz Records on March 15th called: The Serpent’s Here. And there’s a new second single for you to hear called Dead Sky Lullaby! Stunning once again!



From the PR Wire:


Swedish rock multi-instrumentalist PER WIBERG (former Opeth, Spiritual Beggars, Candlemass) presents the second single taken from his new solo album "The Serpent's Here", to be issued on March 15th via Despotz Records. Listen to "Dead Sky Lullaby" exclusively on Metal Injection!  About the song, PER WIBERG says: "I’d like to think Dead Sky Lullaby’s good traveling music, a kraut/space rock rager that boasts a Hawkwind-meets-Sonic Youth vibe with a big chorus in the vein of Killing Joke. It was recorded live in the studio, it shows and it sets the tone for the rest of the album. It’s kinda divided in two parts with different types of choruses, the first part’s a bit wilder and the second has more of an epic melodic feel to it. It’s all tied together by the apocalyptic lyrics and a beat that could go on forever and ever and ever…. Enjoy!"


Stream Per Wiberg's new single "Dead Sky Lullaby"  

As an unrivaled musical alchemist, his work has illuminated an array of now-classic albums over thirty years by performing with the likes of Opeth, Spiritual Beggars, and Candlemass as well as Clutch/The Bakerton Group, Switchblade and Kamchatka. However, it’s his solo conjurings that serve as the zenith of his musical voyages. This year’s "The Serpent’s Here" continues PER WIBERG’s innovative trajectory boasting six consuming tracks — plus a fantastically gloomy rendition of Warrior Soul’s “The Losers” — that are at once grim and surreal; airy yet ominous. Wiberg paints vivid sound tapestries with his clever sense of dynamics and thoughtful lyricism. Each song moves with alluring subtlety and suspense, not unlike the conventions of classic film noir. And while he strays far from the traditional musical constructs, there’s an inescapable melodicism and intrinsic catchiness to his output that makes even his most experimental conjurings seamlessly accessible. About the album, he says: “The music has a strong familiar identity I’d say. It’s heavy in its tone but this time a little braver, uptempo, loose, and ‘rock’n’roll’ compared to the previous two albums. Overall, this is the most epic sounding of my stuff so far. Things are more defined. I worked hard with lyrics and vocal arrangements this time.” Listen to the album's title track "The Serpent's Here".


PER WIBERG "The Serpent's Here" Out March 15th on Despotz Records (vinyl/digital) - Preorder  
TRACKLIST: 1. Dead Sky Lullaby 2. The Serpent's Here 3. Blackguards Stand Silent 4. This House Is Someone Else's Now 5. He Just Disappeared 6. Follow the Unknown 7. The Losers (Warrior Soul cover)

In 2019, PER WIBERG released his debut solo offering "Head Without Eyes". A record of Nordic prog submerged in a gnawing stew of jolting guitar notes and emotive melodies, Wiberg’s debut laid bare an unexplored sonic landscape that surpassed the successes of his past and solidified his strong presence as a unique solo artist in his own right. Wiberg followed Head Without Eyes with his equally stunning 2021-released "All Is Well In The Land Of The Living, But For The Rest Of Us… Lights Out" EP, a compelling celebration of innovative rock at its finest. Expanding and further evolving his vision, Wiberg expertly composed the definitive and established paradigms of traditional progressive rock with spirited and electrifying twists of dark tone. The Metal Observer hailed, “a great EP that serves as a fitting soundtrack to these strange, dark times,” adding, “its thick, otherworldly atmospheres represent a gloriously dark and hallucinated take on Scandinavian prog that weaves together Wiberg’s many musical influences and takes them to the next level of dark melodic exploration. On his new album "The Serpent’s Here", he is joined by drummer Tor Sjödén (Viagra Boys) who played drums on the previous EP, as well as bassist Mikael Tuominen (Kungens Män). Basic live tracks (drums, basses, grand piano) were recorded at Studio Gröndahl by David Castillo and, as with previous releases, the record was mixed and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren at Blacklounge Studios.  “All songs are built from rough song sketches that I showed Tor and Mikael,” elaborates PER WIBERG on the writing process. “The idea was that they could improvise. All basic tracks were recorded live in an afternoon to give it that extra spontaneous energy, and then I’d layer keys, guitars, and vocals on top of what we recorded. Overall, there are more guitars this time as well as two basses on the majority of the tracks.”

Ball – Midnight Heat



Ball – Midnight Heat
Horny Records – 2023
Acid, Occult, Rock, Freak, Proto, Garage
Rated: ***

It’s the fruit, that makes it fruity. It’s the juice, that makes it juicy. It’s the funk, that makes it funky. It’s the junk, that makes the junkie. It’s the Ball! That makes the Midnight Heat! You looking to get your freak on? You wanna dance your sleazy dance with the devil? Well, get on that new Ball album Midnight Heat! It indeed brings the heat, the acid-sweat, the funk and the garage to nine insanely good freak power proto rock tracks! Scuzzy, fuzzy and druggy! Grit your teeth and strut your stuff! There’s no denying the fleshy and sexy power coursing through these Dionysian, Bacchanal inducing Siren songs of depraved pleasure… That’s right, no escape, you shall be tumbling down the rabbit hole towards the bottom of the bottomless pit! And there shall be one hell of a party going on...

(Written by JK)




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Stoner HiVe’s Top 10 Most Listened Artists Last Week…



Stoner HiVe’s
Top 10 Most Listened Artists Last Week…

Royal Thunder
Mother Misery
Altar Of The Fuzz
Demons of Noon
Dixie Goat
Holy Fingers
The Sleeping Sea King
Storm Watchers

December is gone! But we’re not done with glancing back. Loads of Personal Favorite lists from the Contributors will be going live the next week(s) on The Doom Charts. Culminating, like last year, in the Top 100 according to all the votes that came in throughout the year. So, the next weeks might be a bit spotty on Stoner HiVe… But before January is through we will be resuming normal broadcasting services… Enjoy yer week!

Doom Charts for December 2023


Doom Charts for December 2023

Don’t blame me, the Doom Charts made me crazy
If it doesn’t, you ain’t doin’ it right
Lord, save me, heavy music is my baby
I’ll be usin’ for the rest of my life

~ (probably misheard) lyrics…

December is a weird month for new music on many levels. Everyone is looking back at all the good stuff that the year brought. Luckily, the Doom Charts are many! And many of them are still keeping abreast of all that new music that keeps being released as well. On a daily basis! That’s why no less than 218 albums received votes for this month! Hope you all rested up during the Holiday season, cause we got a lot of ground to cover. For the rest of our lives… And we love it! It’s been a great December and a great year and with a Contributor finally being able to name-drop Taylor Swift in one of the blurbs (Thank you Taxi Caveman!) make this possibly the best year even! And that’s why we keep cruisin’, why we can’t stop, won’t stop movin’, cause we got all that heavy music in our minds, sayin’, “It’s gonna be alright”! Happy New Year everyone! May 2024 bring you all you need!

The Doom Charts went live last Friday and without any hiccup! A great list of damn fine releases all from the Heavy Underground... Personal votes of the one that made the list, went out to: 

Saturna, Warcoe, WIJ, Kobrakai, Altar Of The Fuzz, Voidship, The Broken Heroes, Witchsnake, Wounded Buffalo Theory, We Are Space Horses, The Polvos!, The Sleeping Sea King and AAWKS!

Saturna Review 

Warcoe Review 

AAWKS single

The Polvos single

WIJ single

Welcome to Doom Charts, representing some of the finest bloggers, journalists, radio, podcasters and reviewers from the heavy underground around the globe.  Each month, our critics submit their picks for the best new doom, sludge, metal, stoner, psychedelic and heavy rock albums.  The results are compiled and tabulated into the chart below.  This is a one-stop shop for the best new albums in the world…

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Joop Konraad’s – Personal Top 20 - 2023



Joop Konraad’s – Personal Top 20

of 2023!

This is my Personal Top 20 for 2023. It keeps amazing me the amount of great music released every year. And every day! Ever since Stoner HiVe started in 2009 the amount of great releases in our little Heavy Underground niche is stunning. For even though you can peruse my Personal Top 20 here… There are many more albums that I thoroughly loved! So, below that Top 20, there's a massive list of albums that all deserve to be heard in my opinion... And I am sure, dead sure, I'm forgetting to mention a few! As well as that I'm sure of the fact I will be discovering more amazing albums from 2023 in the weeks to come...

Soon, a lot of Personal Top 20 lists of all the Doom Charts Contributors will appear on the Doom Charts Page. And I will share mine there as well. Here, it’s just the list. And on the Doom Charts I will add some blurbs for all those amazing albums in my Top 20… Let's hope we are treated to as much good and heavy stuff in 2024 as well! 


1.      Ruff Majik – Elektrik Ram

2.       Acid King – Beyond Vision

3.       REZN & Vinnum Sabbathi – Silent Future

4.       Fire Down Below - Low Desert SurfClub

5.       Domkraft – Sonic Moons

6.       Santo Rostro - Después No Habrá Nada

7.       Dozer – Drifting In The Endless Void

8.       Omega Sun – Roadkill

9.       King Potenaz – Goat Riders

10.   Black Rainbows – Superskull

11.   Royal Thunder – Rebuilding TheMountain

12.   Apex Ten – Aashray

13.   Earth Altar / Sun Below - InterTerra Solis

14.   Iron Jinn – Iron Jinn

15.   The Silver Linings – Pink Fish

16.   Howling Giant – Glass Future

17.   Phe – Nothing Else Is Real

18.   Hibernaut – Ingress

19.   Acid Magus – Hope Is Heavy

20.   Queens of The Stone Age – In TimesNew Roman…


All links, link to reviews or blurbs on Stoner HiVe..
The alphabetical list of all those other amazing albums:

7 Weeks - Fade Into Blurred Lines

10% Reptile- Holographic Fuzz

20 Watt Tombstone – The Chosen Few

AATHMA - Dust from a Dark Sun


AAWKS –AIWASS - The Eastern Scrolls

Abel Blood - Arrival Of The Waves

Ajeeb –Refractions

Ananda Mida– Reconciler

An EveningWith Knives – FNR Sessions

Are We Ape? & Ridge Split: "Magick Tongue" / "The Hidden Entities:The Cayuga Session"

Astronomie - Interstellar Nomad

Auralayer – Thousand Petals

Bahboon - Thunder Ape

Band In ThePit – Goda

Baroness –Stone

Birds ofNazca - Héliolite

Bismut –Ausdauer

Black Air –Impending Bloom

Black Helium - Um

Blackwülf - Thieves And Liars

BlessedBlack - Seasons Vol.1

Blood Lightning - Blood Lightning

Cannabus – The Maple Spliff Sessions

Child – Soul Murder

Cleõphüzz - Mystic Vulture

CloudsTaste Satanic – Tales Of Demonic Possession

Colour – Colour

Dark Shaman- Dark Shaman

Dead Feathers - Full Circle

Dead Shrine - The Eightfold Path

Deathchant –Thrones

Ded Elk –Conquistador

Demons MyFriends – Demons Seem To Gather

Der ManchaRed – Der Mancha Red

DeWolff - Love, Death & In Between

Doomherre –Bonegoat

Dopelord –Songs For Satan

Dryland –Weekend In The Swamp

Dune Pilot – Magnetic

DUSK - Wheels of Twilight

Duskwood - The Last Voyage

Earthbong –Proceed As One

Ego Planet – Ego Planet

Eight FootManchild - Shrine Of The Orange Sunn

Eye ofAquila - Diviniis Requiem

Faerie Ring– Weary Traveler

Familiars - Keep The Good Times Rolling

FatsoJetson / Dali’s Llama – Legends Of The Desert Vol.3

Formation Ritual - Doors to the Dead

Formula 400 – Divination

From The Ages – II

Fuzz Evil - New Blood

Giöbia – Acid Disorder

Gozu – Remedy

GrandeRoyale – Grime Town

Green Lung –This Heathen Land

Hail TheVoid - Memento Mori

Håndgemeng - Ultraritual

Hästspark –Ostiarius Inferni

Hauch - Lehmasche

HippieDeath Cult – Helichrysum

Humulus - Flowers of Death

Hypnosaur –Doomsday

I Am Low –Úma

IROH – TheyRide


JAAW – Supercluster

Kanaan – Downpour

KarmaVulture - Something Better

Khan –Creatures

Kilmore – FromThe Inside

Kind – Close Encounters

King In Yellow - King In Yellow

King Sapo - Sexo en Marte

King Solomon – Heights

KRPL – Blei

La Chinga - Primal Forces

Lamassu –Made of Dust

Le Scimmie- Adriatic Desert

LordMountain – The Oath

Lord Velvet– Astral Lady

Lucid Sins - Dancing In The Dark

Maragda -The Reckless / Evil Seed

MargaritaWitch Cult - Margarita Witch Cult

Masheena - West Coast Hard Rock

Massa –Psyche

Milana – Milvus

Mondo Drag – Through The Hourglass

Mooch – Wherever It Goes

Moon Coven - Sun King

Moonstone – Growth

Morag Tong –Grieve

Morass of Molasses - End All We Know

MüuT – MakeMe Do It

Narbo Dacal- Elysium Now

Nepaal -Protoaeolianism

Occult HandOrder – Silence By The Raging Sea

Oceanlord - Kingdom Cold

Okktli –Okktli

Oopsy Dazey- Oopsy Dazey

Ordo Anguis- Life Goddess | Death Goddess

Pääkallo – Pääkallo

Pilot the Dune - Pilot The Dune

Ping Machines– Baby

Purification– Elphinstone

Queen Marsa– I Am The Land

Radeloos///Ziedend - Doodsverachting

Ray Temple – II

Ricochets – Closer to the Light

Ritual King- The Infinite Mirror

Rival Sons– Lightbringer

Rival Sons– Darkfighter

Remuda Dust– The Speedball Years 99-01

REZN – Solace

Rotor – Sieben

RRRags – Mundi

SaintKarloff - Paleolithic War Crimes

Sandrider - Enveletration

Saturna –The Reset

Siena Root – Revelation

Signo Rojo - There Was A Hole Here

Smoke The Light - The Great Never Ending

Solothurn –Servitude

Sonic Demon - Veterans Of The Psychic War

Sonic Moon- Return Without Any Memory

Soothsayer Orchestra - The Last Black Flower

Speck - Eine Gute Reise

Spidergawd – VII

Stepmother – Planet Brutalicon

Stoned Jesus – Father of Light

Stone of Duna - Moonsplitter

Strider - Midnight Zen

Sun Q –Myth

Super American Eagle – Super American Eagle

TankZilla – TankZilla

TFNRSH - Tiefenrausch

The Big Rip– Order Of The Goatlord

The CrookedWhispers – Funeral Blues

The FizzFuzz - Deserts, Mountains, Oceans

The HeavyMinds – Beyond Gloom

The Machine– Wave Cannon

The Soundof Origin - Man in the Arena

The ThirdMind – The Third Mind 2

The Very Very Danger - Submarine Chase In Outer Space

They Watch Us From the Moon - Cosmic Chronicles- Act I- The Ascension

This Summit Fever - Distraction Rituals

Thunder Horse - After The Fall

Tidal Wave –The Lord Knows

Tier –Dawner

Travo -Astromorph God

Tropic Santos - Caccia Grossa

Tusoc - Éter

Van Groover– Back From The Shop

Warcoe – A PlaceFor Demons

Warp –Bound by Gravity

Wasteland Haze- Welcome To Wasteland Haze

WIJ - Przestwór

Witch Ripper– The Flight After The Fall

Wodorost – FromThe Depths

Wolfnaut - Return of the Asteroid

WyndRider - WyndRider

Yawning Man - Long Walk of the Navajo

ZQKMGDZ - 10.000 km² gegen die Zeit - Zeitmachine People