maandag 30 januari 2023

Worldwide Premiere - Highwalker - Burning Temple


Worldwide Premiere 

Highwalker - The Burning Temple

There has been something brewing in Finland. Great bands are releasing amazing albums by the truckload and the three called Highwalker gave us their riff heavy four slabs of instrumental doom goodness back in July of 2022. The opening track The Burning Temple has now gotten a wild live recorded psychedelic performance video... Go check it out! Just scroll down a bit or click on the youtube link!  

The exciting Finnish heavy trio Highwalker met each other in Oulo in hazy jam sessions in 2017. On their debut-album they create a wild ride into the realms of instrumental doom metal and stoner rock, balancing between the slow and heaviness mixed with the fast and groovy furious. “Highwalker” contains 4 long trippy and jammy spaced-out tracks full of massively psychedelic mindblowing instrumental rock and metal, spicing it up with distorted jazzy parts, cinematic progressive influences, low & slow drones, fuzzy tones, sludgy grooves and heavy post-rock vibes. For your never-ending journeys through the cosmos!

For fans of: Karma To Burn, Monolord, YOB, Earthless, Boris, Elder, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Pelican, Pallbearer, Isis & Monkey3.


    1. The Burning Temple
    2. The Hermit
    3. Under The Twin Suns
    4. The Final Trench Run






Stoner HiVe’s Top 10 Most Listened Albums Last Week…


Stoner HiVe’s
Top 10 Most Listened Albums Last Week…

Eye of Aquila
Acid King
London Edense Ensemble

It ended yesterday, that run of Personal Favorites Lists from quite a few Doom Charts Contributors. It took up most of our time. But as we return to the regular schedule for the Doom Charts, we can also start doing more Stoner HiVe stuff. So, quite a few reviews are in the pipeline. Some of which are listed above and others will surely be on heavy rotation this week. But first, later today, a worldwide video premiere! So, stay tuned, check back later!

vrijdag 27 januari 2023

Ruff Majik - Elektrik Ram


Ruff Majik - Elektrik Ram

When the weather is exceptionally foul and your mood isn’t much better; there is usually just one option… Saturate it all with some grimy, speed garage and low bearing doom fuzz. In this case we went with Tårn by Ruff Majik. In a small, secluded mining town in rural South Africa, three friends heard the call of the void, and spat fuzz back at it. Thus, Ruff Majik was born, and the adventure of sex, drugs and mostly rock ‘n roll began. Spinning now on transparent yellow with red splatter. Which came at us through the awesome Lay Bare Recordings; with huge fold out poster and stickers as well… Awesome release on all fronts! But we're really here to announce a new single for Ruf Majik! For their new album which will be released on Mongrel Records somewhere around April 2023... 

Elektrik Ram is the new single and title track from South African stoner rock reprobates Ruf Majik’s upcoming album.

Vocalist and guitarist Johni Holiday’s quick stint in a mental wellness facility brought on the lyrics and structure of Elektrik Ram. “What started as a fun ditty, emulating the sound of Siamese Dream era Smashing Pumpkins, became a triumphant battle song chronicling the power of picking up where you left off and trying again.” Explains Johni.

He delves deeper into the message behind the song, “Conquering dependency on medication and machines (as a replacement for human contact) to step out victorious. It's a song about not letting go of rage but using it instead to break through the barriers of modern living.”

The first gasps of air this song took was a three-part harmony that Johni wrote using only his acoustic guitar and a tape recorder to lay down the ideas. From there it was presented to the other members of the band, with the idea of making a relentless juggernaut of a song. "It should sound like a swarm of bees, but with an uplifting crescendo" Johni said.

Lyrically, Holiday referenced the feeling of being incapacitated on a hospital bed and combined it with an allegory for oppressive and dogmatic religious views, to drive the point home that "fate will not grant you any favours, you must take them." 



donderdag 26 januari 2023

Bandshee – Curse Of The Bandshee



Bandshee – Curse Of The Bandshee
Self-released – 2022
Rock, Seventies, Stoner, Prog, Psych
Rated: ***

Louisville, Kentucky will always have a special place in my heart. And that spot will now also be populated by the three (or actually four) that go by the name of Bandshee. Rough around the edges, their first five-track EP, Curse Of The Bandshee holds a lot of promise, a lot of fire, and a whole lot of woodwind. Which is one of the most alluring aspects of this retro sounding release. Their use of those woodwinds gives these five tracks their very own vintage soul, and something extra. Which you can also state about those lead vocals by Romana Bereneth. Some of her vocals are so zealous and stormy, it sounds like they might at one point indeed put a curse on you. Those two elements do have the tendency to make you focus less on that damn fine drum work, and great guitars. Which is something often happens when there are razor sharp vocals at play. But everything is done with so much conviction and energy, that soon enough you are shouting along and screeching along with the Bandshee.

(Written by JK)





Zeit Driver - Warm Heart


Zeit Driver - Warm Heart 

Zeit Driver was founded in 2022 in Berlin by Martin, Jerry, Levin, and Jelle with the goal to share their inspiring songs with the world! They ride the flame and count themselves lucky to be amongst the torchbearers of the rock music revival movement. Right on Zeit Driver! That's the spirit!

"Our music has been described as Savage Rock, Modern Grunge, and our personal favourite: Tierisch laut."

Out since early December 2022, Warm Heart is classic sounding, seventies and eighties inspired rock, with a highly modern touch! Spirited and savage indeed! Let's hope Zeit Driver hit us with a full album soon! Cause this single alone warms our heart!









Ultracombo – Season II


Ultracombo – Season II
Self-released – 2022
Rock, Alternative, Stoner, Desert
Rated: ****

Yes, we reviewed this awesome little ditty when it appeared back around June of 2022. But this time around we've got a few codes for you all... So, why not give Season II a second time around the block! Cause it definitely deserves it. The first Ultracombo release entitled Season 1 was released some two years ago and Reek of STOOM desperately wanted to write a few words about it back then. He begged and begged and then went on to write a riveting review about it: “Five tracks of fervent Stoner that bring the heat, the sweat and the flies of Sonora to your ears and minds.” Was one of the sentences the good man wrote back then. And it still seems to apply. Cause, the Italian five piece is back with Season II and it trucks further towards the end of the road. And that’s a good place to be, cause it just means that the road ends, and the desert begins! High on fuzz, high on energy and high on something extremely and maddening catchy. First single Follia was of course already out since March but hearing it full force with that crazy synth work after rough and raw opening stomper 12345 makes it even more danceable and exhilarating. And that extra edge of craziness continues on Umanotest, giving it an additional push with some krautrock reminiscent hypnotism. Specchio turns a slightly more normal page, opting for bigger gestures and instead of the pounce of the earlier three a more breezy approach to stoner, desert and alternative rock. A moment of respite perhaps before we go absolutely berserk, bonkers and barmy with closing freak out rocker La Fine! Ending Season II properly and with an absolute cliffhanger, cause we can’t wait to hear more from Ultracombo!

(Written by JK)



























dinsdag 24 januari 2023

Clouds Taste Satanic – Tales Of Demonic Possession



Clouds Taste Satanic – Tales Of Demonic Possession
Majestic Mountain Records – 2023
Rock, Acid, Doom, Psych, Stoner, Sludge, Space, Instrumental
Rated: *****

Hey, Clouds Taste Satanic are back - this means jams of freakout acid guitar brilliance. They play instrumental stoner with heavy vibes and as with all instrumental projects the question has to be asked - is there enough going on to keep your attention wandering due to the lack of vocals? In this case, the answer is a resounding yes. The guitar riffs are loud and nicely fuzzed, evoking the sunbaked desert sound but with a heaviness drawn from sludge. Drones and atmospherics throb underneath the songs, bringing in some space-rock undercurrents. Hypnotic slow tracks build up with thunderous drumming until distorted guitar start to wail with wonderful psych exploration. They tread the murky path of doom, heavy psych, raw stoner with a touch of sludge riffery. Big, slow, and powerful, Clouds Taste Satanic create some almost post-metal atmospherics to devastating effect. This combination of light and shade make for the tension that is evident on this album. Tales Of Demonic Possession. This is the good shit.

(Written by Tony Maim)




Majestic Mountain Records

maandag 23 januari 2023

Stoner HiVe’s Top 10 Most Listened Albums Last Week…


Stoner HiVe’s
Top 10 Most Listened Albums Last Week…

Soothsayer Orchestra
Padre Cuervo
Green King
Mama Youth
Desert Wave

As you can see from the Top 10 list above; we're starting to come to grips with the fact that it's 2023 and great new music is being released daily... Even though we are still neck deep in all those Year-End-Lists, Personal Favorites of 2022, from all those great Contributors of the Doom Charts... Making me revisit many albums, when I see them pop up on one of those lists... Loving it! As well as my most listened to album of past week, the new Soothsayer Orcherstra... The Last Black Flower will be out on Lay Bare Recordings soon... And it's a very special album! Better get ready for that one!

donderdag 19 januari 2023

Zeup – Mammals



Zeup – Mammals
Ozium Records – 2023
Rock, Stoner, Grunge, Punk
Rated: ****

Gnide en and! Weird memories about Copenhagen, Denmark. But I’m sure we already spilled them beans on another post some time ago. Hey, we’re all mammals, and at one point in time we might have the inclination that we’re all here to procreate. You know the season! And to light that fire properly is Danish trio Zeup, with their debut full-sized album Mammals. On eight tracks they show their riff heavy take on hardrock, stonerrock and grunge. Add to that some sprinkles of punk and nineties alternative and you know Zeup is here to bring you some kick ass rock ‘n roll. For some reason the two instrumental tracks, Rising and Escape are the ones that grabbed me immediately. Rising with its minute Eastern touch in the master riff, and the highly dynamic seven minute long Escape that lets the guitar glide and slide and flow like sweet hot air drifting away. But we wouldn’t want you to think we are dismissing the vocals, just check out stand out track Days Go By for that slow stomping trek through the desert, with great vocals and a chorus that will boomerang through every venue they will ever play. Zeup, pure and honest hardrock, analog and cool!  

(Written by JK)





dinsdag 17 januari 2023

Worldwide Premiere - High Noon Kahuna - Sand Storm


Worldwide Premiere - High Noon Kahuna - Sand Storm

We've been raving about this band for a little while now. You might have read that weird review we wrote about their Killing Spree album. And you might have seen our year end list somewhere, featuring High Noon Kahuna and their Killing Spree album in the Top 10. And if you live somewhere in a twenty mile radius from my house, you have been hearing it blasted daily at high volume... Well, we're honored to bring you the video premiere for third single Sand Storm.

 "...Closing track Sandstorm is here to show the squares you can surf in the desert as well. Almost ten noisy, doomy, stoner soaked, and steaming hot minutes of fierce guitar work, and blistering clamor that ends with everything in the vicinity of the three artists being struck before the distortion slowly dies away… And you can finally come up for a bit of air…"

High Noon Kahuna is a trio of veteran heavy music musicians based in the Mid-Atlantic U.S. region of Frederick, Maryland. With Tim Otis on guitar (Admiral Browning / Akris), Brian Goad on Drums (Internal Void / The Larrys), and Paul Cogle on Bass and Vocals (Akris / Black Blizzard).

These three cats have been acquainted for many years and, throughout their accord, have consistently supported each other in all their various bands. At the onset of 2022, this crew found themselves with the fortunate opportunity to jam.

And jam, they absolutely did! When like-minded musicians converge, something mystical happens. By bringing years of influence and admiration for all musical genres, High Noon Kahuna has created an unusual style that disobeys the rule of music categorization. Drawing on influences from Surf, Noise, Punk, Western, Shoegaze, Black Metal, and Doom, it's hard to confine the diversity into a specific box at any given moment.

On Killing Spree, released November 18th of 2022, the band fuses a collective sound from noisy and fuzzy to clean and sparkly, with every gleam in between...

Band quote:  

"The music for 'Sand Storm' was created freestyle; it begins with an upbeat style and ends with utter devastation and doom. The lyrics were inspired by a Creedence Clearwater Revival song and hit on some of the things humankind is doing to planet Earth. The video was produced by Captain Adam's VHS Pirate Ship."

maandag 16 januari 2023

Guara - Fauna


Guara - Fauna
Self-released - October 2022
Psych, Prog, Krautrock, Spacerock
Rated: ****

Released this past October, "Fauna" is the first full-length by Argentinian quartet Guara, and it's a ten song trip through euphoric, epic psychedelia. Guara blend heavy psych with progressive, space rock, krautrock, and more to create a beautiful sound that's strikingly bright and uplifting. The album starts off strong with "Pulqui", luring in the listener with spaghetti western noodling, eventually transforming into a hypnotically circular lick that feels like it could go on into eternity. Fiery guitar work accentuates the feel-good vibes, which happily extend throughout "Fauna". Things get a little spicy with highlight track "Chico Fantasma", though, which lays down a punchy riff over keys and even horns, ending with a headlong sprint towards the finish line that veers into unmistakably heavy regions of psych rock. A far more tranquil, dreamy mood takes hold in tracks like "Flora" and "Narcolepsia", the latter of which adds in some funk that melds seamlessly with Guara's colorful sound and is all too easy to lose oneself in. There's no weak track in the bunch, but final and longest cut "Voyager 2052" ends the record on a high note. It's a spacey, shimmering journey into the ether that drifts along patiently, rising and swelling with layers of keys and shredding guitar that make the ten minute duration feel like no time at all. Guara have struck gold on "Fauna", treating us to a slice of sonic bliss with vibes you'll be happy to find stick around long after the final notes.

(Written by Kyle SB)





Stoner HiVe’s Top 10 Most Listened Albums Last Week…



Stoner HiVe’s
Top 10 Most Listened Albums Last Week…

Helms Alee
Desert Wave
High Noon Kahuna
The Yardbirds
Locust Point
Ealdor Bealu
Early Moods

As you can see from that Top 10 list above, we have mostly been listening to albums released in 2022. Because of all the work on all the year-end-list, for Stoner HiVe and Doom Charts. But soon, we will be getting back to the normal Stoner HiVe program. And to start the year off properly, we got a special worldwide premiere tomorrow! So, tune in tomorrow and get ready to surf!

woensdag 11 januari 2023

Joop Konraad’s – Personal Top 20



Joop Konraad’s – Personal Top 20

It’s my Personal Top 20. It keeps amazing me the amount of great music released every year. Ever since Stoner HiVe started in 2009 the amount of great releases in our little Heavy Underground niche is stunning. For even though you can peruse my Personal Top 20 here… There are many more albums that I thoroughly loved! Soon, a lot of Personal Top 20 lists of all the Contributors will appear on the Doom Charts Page. And will share mine there as well. Here, it’s just the list. And on the Doom Charts I will add some blurbs for all those amazing albums… Let's hope we are treated to as much good and heavy stuff in 2023 as well!

1.    King Buffalo – Regenerator

2.    Elder – Innate Passage

3.    Sergeant Thunderhoof – This Sceptered Veil

4.    The Same River – Weight of The World

5.    Samán – II. Montaña Roja

6.    Besvärjelsen – Atlas

7.    Psychlona – Palo Verde

8.    Ealdor Bealu – Psychic Forms

9.    Helms Alee – Keep This Be the Way

10.    High Noon Kahuna – Killing Spree

11.    Greenbeard – Variant

12.    Steak – Acute Mania

13.    Mecanicos – Nomade

14.    Vitskär Süden – The Faceless King

15.    Red Sun Atacama - Darwin

16.    The Otolith - Folium Limina

17.    Samavayo – Payan

18.    Valley Of The Sun - The Chariot

19.    AAWKS – Heavy On The Cosmic

20.    Indian Handcrafts – Empress In Decline

And here is a list of another 75 amazing albums in alphabetical order that we had trouble with kicking out of our personal Top 20… And just so you know, below this list, we could mention another 100 that we also dig.  And I’m sure we’re also forgetting to mention a few and we will probably discover another dozen amazing 2022 albums soon enough…

3 Wheeler Band – In The Name Of The Holy Riff
Abrams – In The Dark
Acid Row – Afterglow
All Souls – Ghosts Among Us
Black Lung – Dark Waves
Black Space Riders – We Have Been Here Before
Carson – The Wilful Pursuit Of Ignorance
Cave In – Heavy Pendulum
CB3 – Exploration
Clutch – Sunrise on Slaughter Beach
Conan – Evidence Of Immortality
Cowboys & Aliens – Burn!
Dapunksportif – Old, New, Fast’n’Slow
Demonauta – Low Melodies About Chaos
Desert Wave – Deafening Silence
Deville – Heavy Lies The Crown
Doctor Explosion – Superioridad Moral
Druids - Shadow Work
Early Moods – Early Moods
Ecstatic Vision – Elusive Mojo
Faith In Jane – Axe to Oak
Fire Horse – Out Of The Ashes
Foot – You Are Weightless
Freedom Hawk – Take All You Can
Gaupa – Myriad

Geezer – Stoned Blues Machine
Great Rift – Utopia
Half Gramme of Soma - Slip Through the Cracks
Indus Valley Kings – Origin
JIRM - The Tunnel, The Well, Holy Bedlam
Kryptograf – The Eldorado Spell
LáGoon – Bury Me Where I Drop
Mammoth Volume - The Cursed Who Perform The Larvagod Rites
Messa – Close
Mexicoma – Kalpa
Mezzoa – Dunes of Mars
Miscellen – Black Mandala I
Museum of Light – Horizon
My Sleeping Karma – Atma
Obiat – Indian Ocean
Odonata - Gravitational Perturbation
Orango – Mohican
Oreyeon – Equations For The Useless
Paralyzed – Heavy Road
Pariahlord – Vultures
Phiasco – Kessel
Psychonaut – Violate Consensus Reality
Quiet Confusion – Magella
Ruby The Hatchet – Fear Is A Cruel Master

Rumours - The Lower We Sink, The Less We Care
Sasquatch – Fever Fantasy
Sleepwulf – Sunbeams Curl
Somali Yacht Club – The Space
Sons Of Arrakis - Volume I
Supasonic Fuzz – Cobracadabra
Surfsquatch – Planet Neptune
Sweet Cobra – Threes
Telekinetic Yeti – Primordial
Temple Fang – Jerusalem/The Bridge
Tenebra – Moongazer
Thammuz - Sons Of The Occult
The Anomalys – Glitch
The Black Legacy – Stones
The Gray Goo - 1943
The Swell Fellas – Novaturia
The Tazers – Outer Space 
Torpedo Torpedo - The Kuiper Belt Mantras
Torrents – Dual Fates
Ultracombo – Season II
Volcanova – Cosmic Bullshit
Warlung – Vulture’s Paradise
Weddings - Book of Spells
Wo Fat – The Singularity