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Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown of 2020


Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown of 2020

As we had to send in our Top 10 of favorite albums to the Dutch magazine we write for we realized we had to start getting everyone involved again on the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown! The 2020 edition, will be the 12th edition. For, on the 11th of December 2009 the Stoner HiVe blog started. In honor of all the heavy music loving freaks in the HiVe. All those heavy music fiends that love the good stuff in whatever shape or form. The blog started to have a vehicle to Countdown the best 20 albums of that year. For the first years the blog never promoted itself or even featured on other social media outlets. We are still not that visible or that around. Others are way better in that part of the thing. But we continue on nonetheless. Simply because we love all those heavy albums that are being released in such amazing numbers, and yes, we still stagger backwards or fall from our chair each time we realize the total number of albums listened to in one year. And we then realize there are even more… Which we hope to continue discovering on a daily basis…

So, this is once again a call to action. Cause the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown of 2020 can only exist with your help. That first year, back in 2009, the end result got deduced from only 17 lists. But it slowly grew every year. So, we implore all of you out there, the ones that already participated before to send in your lists once again. And then tap your neighbor’s shoulder and get him to send one in as well. Cause it would be cool, to reach a greater number of calculated lists once again…

The rules are simple… Send in a list of your favorite albums to our EMAIL. They should be released in 2020. (Or after December 12, 2019) Send it in before December 12! And on the 13th of December we start the countdown. You can send over a Top 5, a Top 10, a Top 20, a Top 100 or even more. You decide what the best albums are; according to you. All lists will then be tabulated into one final Top 20!

Indeed, we don’t have one of those sweet poll’s the majestic JJ Koczan has on his The Obelisk. (Be sure to enter your list there as well!) But we’ve been able to do it manually every year, even though the time and energy it takes keeps getting more and more. But hey, we love doing it!  In honor of all those heavy albums, those heavy bands and you heavy fans!

So, you’ve got your list ready for The Obelisk… You’ve got your list ready for something else?  Send it to our EMAIL as well! It is the main reason the HiVe got started to begin with… Let the countdown continue in every grander form… And it sure does have a ring to it! The Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown of 2020!

Send your list of favorite albums from 2020! 


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