maandag 21 december 2020

Number 12



Number 12

Our infatuation with Chaotic Divine by REZN which we found on Number 13 grows by the day and so does our love for the Number 12 album. Another one of those albums that skyrocketed to the Number 1 position of the Doom Charts. It’s been five years, but now they’re back with a super album from what you can call a supergroup! Comprised out of members that already earned their heavy spurs on band such as Roadsaw, Elder, Rozamov and Black Pyramid. The seven tracks on their new album are heady, heavy, punchy, proggy and powerful. There is all sorts of heavy here that can all be taken at face value, but better experienced as a whole. And a whole it is; it feels round, complete and perfectly layered. It will submerge you into your own inner sphere and it will prod your psyche into every possible direction. It will do so aggressively without turning it into a violent act or violate any part of your mind, body or soul. There is something about this album that will resonate much longer than you might expect; in fact… It might resonate with you, with me and everybody who might come in touch with this album for as long as they will live… And then it will ring on into eternity… On Number 12 we find:


Kind – Mental Nudge




Ripple Music

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