zondag 20 december 2020

Number 13



Number 13

As we pass Motorpsycho on Number 14 with almost thirty points to reach the next album, we remember bang the re-release of their 2017 album made earlier in the year as well. The Off The Record Label facilitated it and it sold like crazy. Just like the new album that was done by that same awesome Off The Record Label and the band themselves. It jumped to the Number One position of the Doom Charts upon release and it took the art of psychedelic doom to a whole new level. They’ve churned mud into mercury and grime into gold. A conceptual and exceptional piece of art that shines a different kind of light on all the heavy genres we love so dearly; it shows us that heavy riffs, quiet melodies, wild sax and intense synths can work together in perfect harmony to create something so divine yet chaotic. Yes, on lucky Number 13 we find:

REZN - Chaotic Divine








Off The Record

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