vrijdag 25 december 2020

Number 8



 Number 8


We love that Ummon album by Slift, which occupied Number 9 so much! So much! It even hurts a bit to continue on. But we have to, cause the Top 20 Countdown waits for nothing. So, we arrive at Number 8 after another jump of almost forty points. Where we find another band that rocketed to the Number One position of the Doom Charts. And this happened; only a month ago. Yes, we are talking about that proto, nay, paleo metal effort from Seattle. Adventuring through the blues roots and the doom beginnings; they turn their metal something dark, brooding and colossal. And it just grows and grows  and becomes bigger and bigger as the album progresses; and we launch straight towards the edge of the known universe. Where time melts and every law of nature we assume has merit disappears like an asteroid turns into one single atom. It is an adventure, it a quest, a search for something one cannot name… On Number 8:


Sun Crow – Quest For Oblivion




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