donderdag 24 december 2020

Number 9



Number 9

As we move towards the zero digit placings and leave behind All Them Witches on Number 10 we jump another seventy-three points. On Number 9 we find an album that implores hefty stoner riffs, cumbersome doom influences, a whole universe filled with space rock and all that lovely kraut to color their own style intense heavy prog. And there is that jazzy side; which is so much in debt to the drummer and propels the band evermore forward and always to greater heights. Turning all into one king hell of an electric kool-aid acid trip! There are distant echoes and reveries, celestial choirs illuminating space. Ancestral voices and ancient extraterrestrial rites. Abyssal doom and apocalyptic noise. There's chaos. And there's silence. There’s a pull, a push, a change, a swing and a shift! On Number 9 we find:  

Slift – Ummon





Vicious Circle

Stolen Body Records

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