The Team

The Team


The idiot who tries to spread his musical religion. But not like some extremist! He never forces his love for the good stuff down anyone’s throat. He just goes on preaching to the choir...


The original guru; the one true Yoda, the giver of names and the one who always has his finger on the pulse of the musical mojo floating around…

Tony Maim

The man, the madman, the preacher and the musician who is always right and knows when you are wrong. He has been a constant blogging factor on his very own Black Insect Laughter outlet since around 2010 and has been sending out his tunes via his damn fine Zeppheroin project. And we heard that other collaborative works are in the making as well. And as he turns down the laughter a tiny bit we are honored to have him groove and bang his head over here…

Charlie Tooth

Musiclover, musician, dreamer/realist, and a burning rage second to none! And the man behind Eichen Tooth!


An unemployed writer famous for his acrobatic lunges and suspicious master of ceremonies at his own blog: Paranoid Hitsophrenic.


A friend of the team. Scours the Internet for the good stuff and sometimes answers the phone. Even when it isn’t ringing…


Has little time on his hands since all those precious moments are either used to make music or lounge around on a worn down couch drinking lukewarm beer. He therefor uses his words carefully and shoots them off in one-sentence-reviews… Kapow!


Passioned about heavy music and has a thing for climbing back on horses. Just an average Joe preaching the gospel of Iommi...


Currently AWOL. But he might just be lurking around the corner waiting for the right musical outlet to jump and pound on! And probably naked…

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