vrijdag 18 december 2020

Number 15



Number 15

We jump twenty-two points from the two albums we found on Number 16 to reach Number 15. After this we make the first bigger jump in points. As mentioned a few times now, these positions were all very close and there was a moment in time when it looked like the album we find on Number 15 actually wasn’t going to make it on. Being one of my personal favorites I could not fathom such a thing happening. They’ve had a majestic run with earlier albums and this one might just be better than all of them. And that’s saying something! There’s a different kind of groove here, more electric and more grating, more punch and more smash ‘n grab. Fast paced and invigorating. Everything feels thick, dense and swirling. Like a cosmic maelstrom that turns solid fast and then drops out of the sky with a heavy pounce. And there is twelve tracks of this. And seriously, all of them have an amazing edge to them. High energy and a weighty sound! Or as Madman Tony Maim said: “Tight, taut songs that hit you between the eyes… A potential masterpiece!” We're going straight to the devil on Number 15!

Black Rainbows – Cosmic Ritual Supertrip





Heavy Psych Sounds

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