vrijdag 30 januari 2015

Dieselburner – Toadal

Dieselburner – Toadal
Self released – 2015
Rock, Stoner
Rated: ****

TOAD LICKERS BEWARE: A highly natural way to get high is ofcourse toad licking. A popular lick victim: the Colorado River Toad. When agitated, it secretes a hallucinogenic chemical through its skin. But the party practice could be fatal - some toads emit a cardiac toxin. “If you pick the wrong toad, you won't only get high, you'll get dead,” warns University of Michigan amphibian expert Carl Gans. Indeed. Shit and when you don’t die, you could also end up with the black hairy tongue disease! All this races through my mind when the first sounds of the Dieselburner debut vinyl release Toadal crackles through my speakers. The instrumental Alpha whacks you over the head and expands all the arteries, veins and capillaries of your brain. It makes your hair rise and your skin crawl! A massive cardiac arrest awaits and when The Itch starts you can’t control yourself anymore. Banging your head against the wall and rubbing your back against every surface you can find. And then the growling vocals start, they poke around in your chest and expands the air inside your lungs. And when you finally give in, and start screaming along, you know, you’ve picked the right kind of toad! No black hairy tongue disease for you, but an ultimate high! Delivered by two, yes two, hombres that dare to opt for different choices in their songs here and there. And relate this to us with highly fuzzed out gritty guitars and masterful drums. And the build-up continues leisurely massive on the other side, with monstrous Toad, wicked Nerd Rage, catchy High Road Warrior and tour the force Omega. Yes, they are made of ten ton heavy hallucinogenic fuel and got amazing shit to burn!

(Written by JK)

She Loves Pablo - Center of the Earth

She Loves Pablo - Center of the Earth

Check out the new video by the Croation formation She Love Pablo, featuring the former bassplayer of Cojones

donderdag 29 januari 2015

Molior Superum – Electric Escapism

Molior Superum – Electric Escapism
Self released – 2014
Rock, Seventies, Psych, Stoner, Garage
Rated: *****

We at the HiVe have always worn our colors on our sleeve. We do not mind professing our undying love for great music, it is actually the one thing we really do and certainly do no care if we come across as star struck fans. Like we are for the Molior Superum guys, and have been since the days of their first EP Towards The Haze in 2011. We bought multiple copies to hand out to our friends and band members of their full-sized album Into The Sun that arrived a year later. And really struggled to not hit repeat buttons over and over again when The Inconclusive Portrait rolled around last year. And guess what, the wild times are here again. An all new EP by the quartet of Swedes named: Electric Escapism. Four tracks that are as wicked a rock whirlwind as everything they put out before. Just listen to the way they stomp into your house with that drum and riff, this is glorious, and this is a band that knows that they are victorious before the battle has even started. Four magnificent tracks that speed through your speakers and blows the roof off your house. Seventies blues boogie groove and psychedelic stoner stompers that leave you breathless and craving more! Highly energetic and extremely electric and you should not let this one escape out the door!

(Written by JK)

woensdag 28 januari 2015

Thieves By The Code – Tales From The Green Muse…And Beyond

Thieves By The Code – Tales From The Green Muse…And Beyond
Self released – 2014
Rock, Stoner, Psych, Booze
Rated: ***

Thieves By The Code grab influences from when the late sixties spilled over to the early seventies but without sounding like yet another retro rip-off. This is hard rock but with a myriad of street smarts that make this collection of songs sound like the first Queens of The Stone Age companion album. Groove is all around and when then guitars pin down a riff, it stays fucking pinned down. Clean vocals have been recorded with some distortion to bring a sleazy garage vibe to things. The band can change from sleepy psych ditties to hard rocking stoner in a blink of an eye which delights the ear and makes my feet stomp with nervous energy. Use of spoken samples have been cleverly used with great effect which augment the great song compositions. There is a punky energy within these grooves that demands to be played over and over. Thieves By The Code do not batter you over the head with sheer noise or volume – with tunes as catchy as these, they let the music do the talking.

(Written by Tony)

Mlah! – Mlah!

Mlah! – Mlah!
Self released – 2014
Rock, Core, Metal, Punk, Stoner, Doom
Rated: ***

They hail from Paris and are inspired by band such as Sleep, Black Sabbath and Acid Bath. But on their first five song EP they sport definite memories of the early hardcore and even some crossover thrash. Think Life Of Agony or Merauder. And even though it might slow down considerably on most moments in respect to Merauder and even though they might aim for stoner riffs and that low-end groove; it is the history of the different parts of the band that make up their color. For the four members of Mlah! earned their spurs in hardcore bands such as 6DTC, Forest In Blood and We… The Animals. Do we mind? Should they forget their past? Hell no! For the aggressive howling, the battering drums and the fast flying riffs that peel the skin your flesh one moment and then slowly turn your skeleton into little bare bone puppets make you relive your past. And remember those great pit moments and loose teeth… Mlah!

(Written by JK)

Mlah! - 30

Mlah! - 30

 First video for their debut self-titled album, get wicked with Mlah!





dinsdag 27 januari 2015

Doctor Smoke – The Witching Hour

Doctor Smoke – The Witching Hour
Totem Cat Records – 2014
Stoner, Rock, Doom
Rated: *****

Five stars, but if I could score higher I would! Doctor Smoke have prescribed a dose of hard rocking Stoner that will purge your body and soul of all the weak, lazy cliché shit that is being passed off as Stoner/Classic Rock these days. With touches of Doom strewn throughout the album, if I had heard this slab of greatness earlier on this year, it would have been extremely high on my albums of the year list I submitted to Joop. Taut and controlled short bursts of excitement are fired your way via guitars set to fuzz. With killer riffs and top notch song compositions, there is not a weak moment to be had. Vocals carry a counter melody which compliments the sublime guitar solos – ah, I cannot stop head banging when they start. They carry the power of Iommi with the catchiness of Lizzy at their peak. With the kind of vibe to be had from Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Doctor Smoke tone down some of the psychedelia and up the ante with power and distortion. In short if you have ever had a passing interest in the stoner/desert scene combined with 70’s hard rock touched by the devil, stop reading this and get spinning this masterpiece.

(Written by Tony)

psst. And do you remember their 2013 demo?

maandag 26 januari 2015

Yama – Ananta

Yama – Ananta
Lightown Fidelity – 2014
Rock, Hard, Stoner with tinge of Doom.
Rated: *****

This Dutch band take the Stoner genre but infuse with a heaviness that steers them into the fringes of Doom. Riffs that power through your senses have a groove added that refuse to leave your brain until you bang your head against a wall. The song compositions are varied and skilfully executed – head-nodding moments are interspersed with slow movements, full on Stoner turbo charged riffing, atmospheric moments of calm before the storm of powerhouse chords overwhelm you – everything in fact to make this a superb offering. The vocals are impassioned but restrained – perfect for these tracks. With a clean sounding production, the solos hover over the top of your hearing with power and clarity. Yama have given us something that does not just slavishly rip off the past but lovingly show their influences while still having a modern take of some genres that are in danger of being tagged “retro”. This band is looking forward, doing their own thing, keeping our beloved underground sounds fresh and vital.

(Written by Tony)

psst. And do you remember their demo from 2011?

zaterdag 24 januari 2015

Goya – Satan’s Fire EP

Goya – Satan’s Fire EP
Self Released – 2014
Stoner, Doom
Rated: *****

Goya remind you why their debut album “777” was such a blast to listen to at the end of 2013. This EP continues in much the same vein – 19 minutes of riffs, heaviness and Doom. Sludgy stoner rock tunes struggle to emerge from the filthy sounding instruments that are more distorted than the speakers in The Devil’s car that have been turned up to number 11 and is being ridden down the lower depths of hell, windows open, elbows hanging out the door frame and a horde of demons head-banging on the back seats. Marijuana Doom has never sounded this good. As a taster for the next album, it is an appetite whetter of huge proportions. These newish kids on the block are coming to kick the fuck out of the established favourites.  You have been warned.

(Written by Tony)

psst. And did you ever get around checking out their demo from 2012?

vrijdag 23 januari 2015

Birnam Wood – Birnam Wood

Birnam Wood – Birnam Wood
Self Released – 2014
Doom, Stoner and some more Doom
Rated: ****

I presume the band are named after the Birnam Wood as foretold by the witches prophecy in Macbeth. If so, the name suits very well as the music conjures up images of despair, suffering and atmospheric dread. But fear not, the lashings of fuzz used will still get the stiffest of heads nodding. Sounding like the missing link between Sabbath and Sleep, what you get is a shit load of riff worship that mixes evil psychedelic bad vibes with heavy groove and tunes that make you realise how redundant so many of the current ‘retro’ bands really are. I do not want to listen to something that sounds like the last 20 years of music have not happened. Birnam Wood are influenced by the greats from before but infuse it with punk attitude, the joyfulness of stoner swagger and the modern, dark take on doom. Give this a listen and you will not be disappointed.

(Written by Tony)

donderdag 22 januari 2015

Monster Magnet – Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol

Monster Magnet – Milking The Stars: A Re-Imagining Of Last Patrol
Napalm Records - 2014
Stoner, Psych, Rock
Rated: *****

When Dave Wyndorf announced that he was going to re-mix the Last Patrol album (from 2013) as if it had been recorded in 1969 I thought “meh!”. I did not need some half arsed dub versions from an album that was pretty good but that in no way set my world alight. Well, stick a bong-pipe up my arse and call me Susan 'cause this is fucking fantastic!' Songs have been torn apart with new guitar and vocals parts, slowed down, fuzzed up, echo boxes have been abused beyond belief, tracks discarded, 4 new songs added and two live versions included. Monster Magnet have never made a truly bad album but until Last Patrol, seemed to be on auto-pilot for a long time. Even so, I never really played  last years release that much. But when the creepy Doors-like Hammond organ starts creeping through the tracks and the trippy vibe really hits you over the head, you will realise that Dave and his boys have created a masterpiece of Stone Psychedelic Rock. I would have never thought a remix album could make such an impact on me but this is an essential part of the soundtrack to my life now. Highly recommended ………. Please do not call me Susan!

(Written by Tony)

zondag 18 januari 2015

Sunday's Stoner HiVe Stickler! - Answer

Sunday's Stoner HiVe Stickler!

Listen to the track in the post below and fill in the right answer! It is the name of the track with the first letter as a capital!

Was the quiz Too Easy or Too Hard? Want it easier? Want it impossible?

What do you think about the quiz?

Be sure to let us know what you thought of the quiz...

Sunday's Stoner HiVe Stickler! - One

Sunday's Stoner HiVe Stickler!

Pop quiz, hot shot! There's a bomb on the bus and you need to solve the riddle before the speed reaches 50mph. So, listen to the track below, and if you know the answer you can open the restricted post above this one. Just enter the track name, with the first letter as a capital, to unlock the encrypted text. And guess what, in the near future, on next editions, of the Stickler there will be another gift of discovery waiting for those who guess the right track!

Top 20… Late additions… The albums we missed list...

Top 20… Late additions…
The albums we missed list...

Every year it’s the same story. We wholeheartedly dive head first into this list making thing. We end up with fifty or more albums that we have come to love so much that it is hard to twiddle them down to say the twenty that we use for the Stoner HiVe Countdown. But I do it anyway. And then while the countdown is running or has just passed one of your buddies hands you an album you completely missed and think. Shit. This should have been on there. Madman Tony prodded me while the countdown was running about Doctor Smoke and a few more. And when Yama came out on Lighttown Fidelty I immediately knew it would have made my list if I had heard it earlier. Same goes for Electric Citizen which I only learned about thanks to all you lovely freaks out there who voted for the album in the first place. So here are a few of those late additions. Albums that surely would have been on our list if we had heard them earlier…





And guess what?! We are all sure we still missed even more albums that could or should have been on our list. So many amazing albums have been release in 2014 and we sure hope we will eventually discover them all. Just as we sincerely hope that many more will be released in 2015. But if you wanna read more about all those late additions… Those damn fine sounds of 2014! Visit Fast N Bulbous, cause he has a post about late additions and a 2014 breakdown that will rattle your brain for weeks!

Check out Fast N Bulbous!

vrijdag 16 januari 2015

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Stoner HiVe’s Quick Fire Friday

Here we are with the first Quick Fire Friday of 2015! The Stoner HiVe Quick Fire Friday segment is a feature of a handful of bands and only a small amount of words to help spread their musical prowess and our melodic belief… 

Endless Sundown – In Brackets

I wandered through the grimy streets of Lyon before. Besides the rivers and near the station. And I’ve talked to the girls who work the streets. But I had business further down. But Endless Sundown, who hails from that city, does not sound as dark and filthy as the city I experienced back then. Highly accomplished and with luscious bass work we hear this clean edge that explodes into something that exhumes through aching. Lyon, I should go back there soon…

Ponamero Sundown – Blood Feud

Another day, another Sundown! The Swedish troublemakers of Ponamero Sundown are in the middle of recording their third album. And to keep interests peaked and our love for the Sundown ever growing, they released a single. Teasing motherfuckers that they are! After simply announced that this monstrous groovy bastard will not even be featured on the album! Holy shitballs!

Curse of The North – Sleep While You Can

Seattle heavy rock trio Curse of The North are gearing up to release their debut full-length album entitled: I. And to spark the interest of everyone that loves heaviness they’ve released a video for Sleep While You Can. Which starts off as a slow and clean race around the track before it gets grimy, gritty and speedy!

Mind Vice – Consumer Nation

Another day, another Seattle. After the highly entertaining Set This Thing In Motion released at the end of 2013 and Mind Vice earlier that year. The guys from Mind Vice return. Bouncing basslines and funky grooves are key on the new single Consumer Nation. Ballsy stuff! And they get more grungy, heavy and breaky on the B-Side The Profit. And yes, there is some social commentary, so beware of subliminal messages!

Fatso Jetson & Yawning Man hitting Europe!

Fatso Jetson & Yawning Man hitting Europe!

O’ yes, my furry little freaks. The grandmasters are coming to Europe once again! Apart from all the wonderful things that are in the works for the guys, they are also heading out for a stiff tour. Psst. And for the people who can hit the Dutch dates; they will likely be joined by Automatic Sam. Who already jammed the big jam with the uncles. And henceforth turned and twisted into the new Ten East line-up. Which now entails: Gary Arce & Bill Stinson of Yawning Man and Erik Harbers & Pieter Holkenborg of Automatic Sam. So keep an eye out, cause their might be a new album coming out this year! But first… Feast your eyes and ears on the magical Fatso Jetson & Yawning Man!

Yawning Man "Dark Meet" (from Fatso Jetson/Yawning Man Split)

Fatso Jetson "Long Deep Breath" (from Fatso Jetson/Herba Mate Split)

Feb 5 ~ Dortmund, Germany ~ The Piano
Feb 6 ~ London, UK ~ The Purple Turtle
Feb 7 ~ Leuven, Beligium ~ Orange Factory
Feb 8 ~ Drachten, Netherlands ~ Iduna
Feb 9 ~ Hamburg, Germany ~ Hafenklang
Feb 10 ~ Bielefeld, Germany ~ Forum
Feb 11 ~ Berlin, Germany ~ Cassiopeia
Feb 12 ~ Jena, Germany ~ Kulturbanhof
Feb 13 ~ Deventer, Netherlands ~ De Hip
Feb 14 ~ Mons-en-Baroeul, France ~ Le Trait d’Union
Feb 15 ~ Paris, France ~ Glazart
Feb 16 ~ Karlsruhe, Germany ~ Alte Hackerei
Feb 17 ~ München, Germany ~ Feierwerk
Feb 18 ~ Linz, Austria ~ Stadtwerkstatt
Feb 19 ~ Wien, Austria ~ Arena
Feb 20 ~ Innsbruck, Austria ~ PMK
Feb 21 ~ Bozen, Italy ~ Pippo Stage
Feb 22 ~ Brescia, Italy ~ Latteria Molloy
Feb 23 ~ Roma, Italy ~ Sinister Noise
Feb 24 ~ Ravenna, Italy ~ Bronson
Feb 25 ~ Padova (Go Down Festival), Italy ~ Circolo Mame
Feb 26 ~ TBA
Feb 27 ~ Lucerne, Switzerland ~ Sedel
Feb 28 ~ Frankfurt, Germany ~ das Bett

Yawning Man & Automatic Sam

Yawning Man & Automatic Sam

A new project is in the works. And whether they will call it Yawning Sam or Automatic Man is unclear. If you are interested in seeing these cats live? Check out the Deventer date of the upcoming Fatso Jetson & Yawning Man European tour!

donderdag 15 januari 2015

Snake Thursday – Iter

Snake Thursday – Iter
Self released – 2014
Rock, Stoner, Desert, Hard, Metal, Space
Rated: *****

Back in 2012 the Polish trio Snake Thursday released a damn fine six shooter album called Cruise Mode. On it they displayed a hefty take on stoner and hard rock with punky influences. Relentless grinding fuzzy riffs and pounding rhythms were the driving force and Cruise Mode was built for speed. On the new album Iter the boys slow down a bit without grinding to a halt. In fact it has this ever forward motion built into it. It still moves and keeps moving and trucks and pushes you over the edge. And there, down in the abyss, the gritty bass heavy fuzz vibrates and turns your surroundings into a steamy hot whirlwind. You can almost feel the lava being pushed up beneath your feet as you stomp around on tracks like Implode The Earth and Beyond Aurora. And still, we’ve only just begun, tiny influences of doom and space and grunge mesmerize as the sound goes big, huge and colossal. And all this just simmers and steams inside a big thermonuclear oven until the energy becomes too gigantic to contain. And then it just explodes! Over and over and over again. Until everything has become more than what we’ve started with. Yes. I am guessing this is indeed a musical Perpetuum Mobile. Snake Thursday, every day of the week!

(Written by JK)

Mammatus Cloud has coffee with the good Doktor420…

Mammatus Cloud has coffee with the good Doktor420…

“Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.”  ~ David Lynch

Do you follow the Stoner HiVe?
André: “Not follow, but I’ve been there a couple of time. And we LOVE coffee!”

Introduce the band please.
André: “My name is André and I’m the lead vocalist and play guitar in Mammatus Cloud. We exist since 2008. Besides me there's Peter on bass, Ditte on guitar and vocals and Martin on drums. We have made about 3 demos that never got anywhere and then this EP in April 2013. And we have also recorded a single that basically only needs a label to fund it. We are from the second largest city in Denmark, Aarhus, the same city as Magnified Eye.”

Do you hang around with those guys?
André: “Oh yeah, with Bong, their bass player... They are really cool guys.”

How old are you guys?
André: “We are all in our 30s, I believe that Martin, as the youngest, is 32, and Peter is 39.”

What kind of music/bands are you diggin'?
André: “Well, I grew up on rock: The Who and all that... But my teen rebellion was death metal and that progressed into a lot of different genres... But that was before the internet. Growing up in a small city really narrowed my chances to hear new music and genres. I actually started playing metal with Peter 20 years ago... And now we are playing together again. Peter was into the whole metal scene as well in the early 90´s. Martin and myself had a band with Bong from Magnified Eye, a couple of years back, some kind of desert/stoner... But we never released anything.  Unfortunately it didn't work out with the singer we had at the time... He used to be the singer of a psychobilly band from Aarhus (Godless Wicked Creeps) but he lived 100km from us, so we barely got to rehearse.”

But now all band members live close and you're able to meet often - that's pretty important I reckon.
André: “Yeah, in Mammatus Cloud we live within a fair distance of one another.”

I presume you do all the recording yourself?
André: “Yeah... In our rehearsal space, but not on the EP... A guy from another city wanted to record us live for free, so we went for it, just to try something new. But he was really weird about the whole recording process and I couldn't really communicate with him.”

In what way was he weird? And did it hurt the recording process? Or perhaps add something good to it?
André:  “He was from another planet, it was as if we didn’t even speak the same language. Yeah, it put a bad vibe on the whole recording process, and it should have been a really cozy recording session. We were installed in an apartment above the studio, and we all had our girlfriends with us for the whole weekend… Half of them pregnant. Our "off" time was good, but the recording days was awful, bad headphones mix, etc.”

So that EP is a live recording?
André: “Yeah, we recorded all the music live at Horsens DIY.” 

Did you have audience?
André: “No, unfortunately not, that would have been cool. We weren't sure if we wanted to use the material. We agreed in the band that the sound and "overall feeling" of the EP should be kept as it was recorded - raw! We finally decided that we should mix it ourselves at my home studio. The vocals where recorded by our good friend Mads in my home city. And now we are looking for a new place to rehearse, where we can build a small studio. And if we find one. Well, we are gonna do a lot of recordings this year.”

Where can people get their hands on your EP?
André: “Yeah, at Bandcamp and our Facebook page... I think we even have a Myspace page, but we don’t check it that often though.”

Do you have pressed copies or only burned?
André: “We have pressed digipacks, they look awesome!”

What was the greatest moment for Mammatus Cloud?
André: “Phew, we had a lot of great moments with the band, it’s hard to pinpoint just one. But we played at ‘frøstruplejren’ (sort of like Christiania, just way cooler) 40th anniversary, and that was a great honor for us.”

How are things going now and what does the future hold for Mammatus Cloud?
André: “We disbanded in July 2014, unfortunately. We had a great run for 6 years, and we closed the "shop" as friends, just like we started. Don’t worry, we are still doing our stoner-shit. But harder and heavier and sometimes slower than we did previously... Still melodic though. We are working on songs, and we tend to do more "doomy" stuff, and more heavy riff based stuff this time. It is a new project. As of yet nameless. But once we know, you will know…”

(Written by Doktor420)

dinsdag 13 januari 2015

The honorable Ed Barnard is still with us!

The honorable Ed Barnard is still with us!

We have been extremely delighted to hear that the initial reports of Mr. Barnard's passing have been false. The good man is still with us and battling hard! So let's all come to his aid and support the man in his time of need!

maandag 12 januari 2015

Tony Maim's - Personal Top 20

Tony Maim's Personal Top 20

(Due to certain historical events Tony Maim is now unable to even smell a whisky without wanting to evacuate the contents of his stomach. However: "I can sing the praise of Stella Artois!" And we can quote him on that! Which we just did.)

2014 brought me a lengthy period of redundancy. I found I needed a break from blogging and heavy music in general and to my surprise found myself digging early raw funk, some Frank Sinatra swing albums, James Brown ‘73-75 and really gorged myself on outtakes and live shows from Miles Davis and his “electric” phase.

Life back in order, the end of summer found myself diving head first back into the underground for my heavy sounds. Lots of great stuff released in the doom/stoner/pysch/classic rock genres + some fantastic mixes of all. Hardcore punk seemed to stagnate with lot of cut’n’paste bands using cookie monster vocalists. Fucked Up and Young Widows produced stand out albums but I did not include in this list.

Hopefully 2015 will bring some more sounds that will make me want to jump up and down.

Albums in order.

3.    Chuck Norris Experiment – Right between The Eyes
8.    Dopelord – Black Arts, Riff Worship &Weed Cult
13.    Boris - Noise
14.    Slow Season – Mountain
15.    Blood Farmers – Headless Eyes
16.    Witch Charmer – The Great Depression
17.    Vega – S/T
18.    Black Moth – Condemned To Hope

zondag 11 januari 2015

Ed Barnard has passed away…

Ed Barnard has passed away…

My dealings with Mr. Barnard have unfortunately always been limited. I guess you could say I came in late and the Doommantia mass was already in full swing. Nevertheless he was welcoming and inviting. He sat me down, gave tips, help and kept spreading his love for the good stuff. He turned me on to loads of bands and obscure outings. And he did this to the bitter end. Cause while he was battling his horrible health issues he still kept at it. He was always just a simple email away. And even though we weren’t avid communicators, those moments when we did, were always good natured, high spirited and genuine. I was a fan of his work and his writing and visited Doommantia on a regular basis. So I guess all I would like to say is: thanks for all your work, your endless rants and your long-winded reviews. And I will keep supporting the bands, buy them drinks and will let them stay at my house. You were a righteous knight of the good stuff and you will be missed! And our thoughts are with those who will miss you even more, condolences to all your fans, friends and family. R I P brother…

vrijdag 9 januari 2015

Doktor420’s – Personal Top 20

Doktor420’s – Personal Top 20

How I come to this weird list? 

It has less doom and more stonerrock related genres than the whole/average HiVe's top list - probably because I prefer clean vocals (better none than a growling singer).

Over the whole year I spend not a second in deciding which album might make it on the upcoming end-of-year-list...and then..in december JK asks for it. After which I go through 100’s of new albums, and I try to remember'em. Usually I put all "maybes" in a playlist and play it for the next days. Removing all "not-good-enoughs" from time to time.  Some days later I seperate them in 3 parts:
Top3 (sometimes there are only 2 in the top3),  Excellent (must haves) and  Very good (should have).

I am never ever able to give everyone a real place in line. (How in hell can you decide which is #17 or #18?) Then I check my playin' statistics in LastFM where I found out that Wolfmother got an enormous amount of playtime (ofcourse that also depends on the month of release - the earlier released get more plays in a year.)  Few albums I even get after the list is sent. In the hope that it's shrunken enough (down to 50 or so) I count them on and on and usually have to force myself to remove more/rate harder. (I gave up to try exactly 20 or 50 entries.) One might think I could simply copy & paste the last.fm list but that don't work at all, even the "undecided" get many plays sometimes, until I remove'em.

So...Wolfmother earned the #1 position due to their variating and easy to access songs, which sometimes have a pop attitude without the bad taste of mainstream.

#2 Cult of Dom Keller - damn - how much I enjoy their sound - it goes directly into my brain and makes my head slightly bang - every time - hail to England - EOM.

#3 Somali Yacht Club (some call the name silly, I find it kinda funny) a late years find, JK told me about and I instantly fell in love with their stuff. Reminds me in a mixture of 35007 and Colour Haze.

The rest in alphabetical order


3AM - Waves
Camera - Remember I Was CO2
Electric Moon - Mind Explosion
Electric Orange - Volume 10
Kings of Frog Island - V
Naam, White Hills, Black Rainbows, Flying Eyes 4-Bands split
Solrize - Hellnation EP


Causa Sui - Live At Freak Valley
Causa Sui - Pewt'r Sessions 3
Cosmic Dead - EasterFaust
El Paramo - El Paramo
Floor - Oblation
Fur - Fur
Grand Magus - Triumph and Power
Humo del Cairo - Preludio
Hyne - Elements
Moab - Billow
Monolith - Dystopia
Mustasch - Thank You for the Demon
Sigiriya - Darkness Died Today
TruckFighters & Witchrider - The Return Of The Fuzzsplit vol.1
Weltraum - Spirituality

There are some not stonerrock related albums which I excluded from the list. Try Jack White - Lazaretto for instance, yes, the White Stripes dude but without his less talented Drumchick...