dinsdag 29 december 2020

Number 4



Number 4

Can’t get enough of Kryptograf! Can you? That Number 5 album is such a wild ride! But we move on to Number 4 today and we do that with a jump of over a hundred and seventy points! Those jumps just keep getting bigger thanks to all the voters who loved the albums! Well, their 2018 album reached the fifth position of that years Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown and this years is once again an album that jumped to Number One of the March Doom Charts. It is doomy, it is metal, it is psychedelic, it is sludge and most of all it dares to fare into different territories, turning experimental into this precious adventure that one and all enjoys and wants to experience over and over again... It’s a trip, addictive by nature and always leaving the listener wanting more; a tapestry of intricate textures and of a multitude of colors, ever building and masters in delaying the inevitable, they are the kings, the captains that know exactly how much elongation is required to get you to the exact point of climax and then leaving you there for just a few minutes longer… Just think of the sex you could have with this album and you will know… Number 4 is:  

King Buffalo – Dead Star






Stickman Records

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