vrijdag 11 december 2020

Distortion Ride – Burning Waves of Silence


Distortion Ride – Burning Waves of Silence
Electric Blood Records / Self released – 2020
Rock, Hard, Prog, Metal, Psych
Rated: ***

A hard rock, psychedelic and prog trio from France that sends out their press-kit, have an incredibly high DIY attitude and then very sneakily name-drop that the mastering was done by Andy Jackson. Yes, the Andy Jackson that has worked on so many Pink Floyd and David Gilmour albums. For me personally my discovery ride of Andy’s worked started back when I found out that the man worked on the I Don’t Link Mondays single by the Boomtown Rats, my very first musical memory. And now, he has mastered the Burning Waves of Silence album by French trio Distortion Ride. Officially released on November 13th the eight tracks meander from hardrock with metal touches to even some punk influences and all sorts of weird little dissipations. Which turns the overall feeling definitely into a bit of a proggy experience, but never in the traditional sense of that word. Cause for the most part we continue to that blues based heavy rock, with vocals that sometimes hit the spot, sometimes seems to float away, are sometimes weird and sometimes aims for the grin and the chuckle. Highly eclectic, the band shines most when they open up their sound and aim for something more soft, classic and yes more prog in the traditional sense of the word. Those are also the moments that were probably easiest mastered by Andy Jackson, cause we cannot exactly state that we can easily hear where he touched the records and where he decided to lay off. On the whole, Distortion Ride delivers one highly diverse and thoroughly enjoyable record with Burning Waves of Silence. It’s a ride alright!

(Written by JK)





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