zondag 27 december 2020

Number 6



Number 6

To reach Number 6 we jump a hundred and forty points from BoneHawk on Number 7. Where we find a band that has made the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown before; back in 2018 they reached the Number 12 spot. Once again we hear a partnership between sludge metal, stoner and prog being performed at the very edge of the alchemic dreamstate. You will soon be lost in an golden oblivious state and you will experience the impressionistic compositions in all its glory. With ever more use of melodies, intricate structures and dynamic extremes they conjure up a majestic groove that will swallow you whole. It turns the heavy churn into something transcendental, mystical and magical. And it turns their sound into the all encompassing greatness of genre breaking and boundaries shaking music. An album that should be in everyone’s possession! On Number 6:

Forming The Void – Reverie





Ripple Music

(ps. I would love that part of the cover as a surfboard!)

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