woensdag 31 mei 2023

The Psychlona Beer Coozy appreciation post!



The Psychlona Beer Coozy appreciation post!

Hiking around Scotland, you have to keep your beers cool! I mean, sure, there’s snow on top of Ben Nevis; and the water of the North Atlantic Ocean near Durness is actually only seven degrees. But hiking up the mountain definitely warms you up and after swimming around in that pretty cold water, you need something to quench your thirst! Luckily, we had some Psychlona Beer Coozies with us! Indeed, they do not only make amazing albums and rock the hell out of stages, they produce some damn fine beer coozies as well…

There to keep your beer cool and your devil horns warm! 

SEE! There to keep your beer cool and your devil horns warm!

Back from Scotland...



Back from Scotland...

Hey everyone, back and for once in one piece...

And ready for action... 

Had a glorious hiking adventure through Scotland and everyday was as brilliant as the day before... We had the luck to climb Ben Nevis with incredibly sunny weather and a view across entire Scotland, which apparently almost never happens... (Picture above) And in fact had almost no bad weather at all! Three weeks in Scotland, and no bad weather, that also apparently never happens!

Can't wait to get back into everyhing Doom Charts, Stoner HiVe and Heavy Underground related!

So... What album, should we listen to first? 🤘

zondag 7 mei 2023

Off to Scotland...

 Off to Scotland...

Well... Off to hike around Scotland for a few weeks. Visit Ben Nevis, a wee few distilleries and walk around a lot of beautiful lakes... Hence the recent silence on Stoner HiVe, had too much work to do before I could leave. And now that we go, there will be more silence... Fitting as we get lost in the fog in some dubious moor or two... Think we need some horror books and music to accompany us... 

Off the grid for this little old blog as well as Facebook... We might do an occasional hiking update on the instagram page though... Which can be found here: INSTAGRAM ... slàinte!

Seeya in a few weeks!

The Doom Charts for April 2023



 Doom Charts

 “Once you start down the Doom Charts path, forever will it dominate your destiny. Consume you, it will.” ~ Yoda

April has been heavy! Heavy on all fronts! Music wise the amount of stoner and doom masterpieces has once again been staggering. And on a personal note, I’ve been swamped with work, which meant there was little time to do stuff for the Doom Charts or Stoner HiVe. In part due to a little holiday to Scotland that will start after Sonic Whip Festival. Which is a different kind of heavy… not being able to spend as much time with this heavy rock thing we love. Cause it is and remains for all of us, a labor of love. Or perhaps obsession or addiction. Cause I forsee withdrawel symptoms hiking around Scotland. But don’t worry, I will be taking the forty below and all the others I love with me; so when the need arises I can inject some heavy rock into my veins! Cause below you will find once again, 39 brand new and amazing heavy rock albums that will cater to your progressive, stonerrock, psychedelic rock or metal and doom needs! 275 albums received votes this month and the Top 5 ran away with a lot of them… But perhaps you already saw it coming, cause you’ve been as hooked as the rest of us…

The April Doom Charts went live two days ago... But after posting it we jumped in a car and headed for the Sonic Whip Festival in Nijmegen! Which was amazing once again! Saw awesome shows and met up with some cool dudes!

Of the forty that made it, personal votes went out to: Dozer, Margarita Witch Cult, Ruff Majik, Wolfnaut, Faerie Ring, Milana , Void King, Giöbia, King Potenaz, The Golden Grass, Karma Vulture, The Crooked Whispers, :Nepaal, Psychedelic Source Records, 𝐈𝐑𝐎𝐇, Familiars, This Summit Fever ...

Welcome to Doom Charts, representing some of the finest bloggers, journalists, radio, podcasters and reviewers from the heavy underground around the globe.  Each month, our critics submit their picks for the best new doom, sludge, metal, stoner, psychedelic and heavy rock albums.  The results are compiled and tabulated into the chart below.  This is a one-stop shop for the best new albums in the world…

The Doom Charts for April 2023

donderdag 4 mei 2023

Faerie Ring – Weary Traveler



Faerie Ring – Weary Traveler
King Volume Records / Wiseblood Records – 2023
Metal, Heavy, Classic, Stoner, Doom, Punk, Space, Psych
Rated: ****

We in the Heavy Underground are blessed with so many great labels that only release quality stuff. King Volume Records for instance is one of them. Not one to mess around and one that is careful with whatever they select to put out. So, when the new album by Evansville, Indiana foursome Faerie Ring arrived, we knew we were in for a good listening session. And Weary Traveler, as the album is called, is not so much a listening session as it is a damn fine adventure, start to finish. They went for this august and lofty production value, squeaking with a love for late seventies and early eighties metal. Indeed, classic on all fronts, they marry that love with a tasty infusion of doom and stoner elements. But they do not stop there. Blues, punk, space, psych and even something wicked and bouncy make an entrance whenever the urge arrived to do something different. And in doing so, the Faerie Ring for crafted something timeless and memorable. Those first two tracks alone, the beginning eighties synth lead towards that first guitar tone, the perfect way to start off opening title track Weary Traveler. A song that lurches and looms and starts the mystic vibe with a proper crystallized explosion, especially once those soaring vocals start, and that beginning riff returns after the big, towering rise. Following Silver Man In The Sky, goes slower, goes bigger and goes the way of the anvil! For that is what the song eventually will also be known for, the fact that the guys took an iron skillet with them into the studio and rammed it ‘in front of 20.000 dollar Telefunken microphone.’ But those two songs alone, as we just started saying, set up the entire vibe of the album. A vibe of something righteous, of a knight errand, on a quest for the queen, of something honorable. And then there’s something that feels like it’s all over the place, bouncing of the walls, and getting your blood pumping even more. That guitar wail in Never Rains At Midnite, the bass running against the grain, thumping in some extra notes here or there. Wild! Never weary at all, this is fresh and crushing! And album to fall in love with and one to take with you on whatever journey you go…

(Written by JK)




King Volume Records

maandag 1 mei 2023

Stoner HiVe’s Top 10 Most Listened Albums Last Week…



Stoner HiVe’s
Top 10 Most Listened Albums Last Week…

Ruff Majik
The Hives
Mars Red Sky
Acid King
This Summit Fever

Another week in the books. A week filled with interviews with The Hives and Ghost, preparing for Sonic Whip festival and the holiday in Scotland that will follow. As well as preparing for the new Doom Charts edition, that goes up on Friday. Indeed, loads of stuff to do before we can go rock out at Sonic Whip… Let’s get to work! And let’s put on some good heavy rock to get the job done!