maandag 28 december 2020

Number 5



Number 5


Yesterday at Number 6, we found another absolute personal favorite, namely: Forming The Void. But to reach the next album on the next position we jump a bit more than hundred and fifty points! Indeed, the jumps get bigger and bigger, which perhaps might serve as a testament to the position the albums occupy. On Number 5 we find a debut album that just immediately turned everything and everyone around them on and in on their sound. The four Norwegians have found their own little filthy proto hole to curl up in and transform all the weird stuff they find into proto gold, occult love and prog addiction. With some doom influences, psychedelic touches and a lot of sixties and seventies devotion the four from Bergen give us once again an album married to all that brilliance out of the original golden age of heavy rock. Sharing vocal duties between three, the four ride out the fuzz wherever it may take them. And it will take you on such a wild and amazing adventure that you cannot help fall head over heels with this album… A classic in every sense of the word. On Number 5 we find:

Kryptograf – Kryptograf 



Apollon Records

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