woensdag 23 december 2020

Number 10



Number 10

Entering the Top 10 today… And this means another big jump from Witchskull on Number 11 to reach Number 10; a jump with over a hundred points in fact. Well, there aren’t that many bands that can truly deliver this kind of feeling and atmosphere with a potent mixture of mercury stoner riffs, grinded blues patterns and pressed psychedelic ambience. There is a presence lurking hear that feels weird and will ride your body like a wave of goosebumps. Changing up their magical concoction with every record, the (now) trio delivers something stunningly sinister and majestically gothic. Nothing seems to be standing in their way of imploring gritty metal riffs and chugging rhythms to create their ideal and seemingly perfect universe… Creepy by default and completely enthralling! Furious, epic and cinematic! Indeed, here is Number 10!

All Them Witches – Nothing As The Ideal






New West Records

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