dinsdag 15 december 2020

Number 18



Number 18

Even with such a great amount of lists pouring in, so many votes cast, there is still apparently the possibility of multiple albums receiving the exact amount of points. And in this case, no less than three! Three albums that beat Mountain Tamer’s Psychosis Ritual which stood proudly on Number 19 with exactly 14 points. One of them released Number One album after Number One album the past years but has not managed to claim that position with their new album among fans this year. Perhaps there already was a hint or a sign when they gave the album that title? However portentous it all might be, we definitely still adore the album and so many of you out there do as well, but not as much as all their earlier releases. So they’re stuck on Number 18 with two other bands. One of them is a deep dive into proto-metal, doom and heavy psychedelic meandering. It is that tried and tested Sabbath worshiping goodness from the ancient days that implores just enough sludge and stoner to resurrect their hairy beast and make every stomp and trample highly addictive. Just like the third act present here, a rock ‘n roll time machine running on an eclectic amalgam of genres ranging from late ‘60s psychedelia all the way to more contemporary stoner metal. Their fuzzed out and dynamic sound could be described as a new strand of classic rock or as the purest of vintage grooves revitalized for the modern age. Whichever path you take; whichever music you need, be sure to listen to all three of the albums we find on Number 18

Elder – Omens

Acid Mammoth – Under Acid Hoof


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