dinsdag 5 december 2017

Uffe Lorenzen – Galmandsværk

Uffe Lorenzen – Galmandsværk
Bad Afro Records – 2017
Rock, Folk, Psych, World
Rated: ****

What an amazing time that must have been. Those ten weeks on that small volcanic island Gomera near the coast of Morocco, where Uffe Lorenzen did nothing but write new songs and meander about life, love and everything in between. The result is his first solo album under his own name, Galmandsværk. We’ve been going wild on all of his musical efforts for years now. On Trial, Spids Nogenhat, Dragontears and first and foremost Baby Woodrose. With whom he released the amazing Freedom album last year. Which we still spin regularly! But during those ten weeks he explored his inner self, and might have gone right there, towards the end of its tether. The result is an amazing psychedelic folk album with all sorts of worldly influences and an amazing array of different instruments. We can hear the sitar, bansuri, hurdy gurdy, violin and a few more. All of his explorations are done in Danish and tell a highly personal tale. (Which unfortunately might be lost on many of us who aren’t fluent in Danish.) Ten stories that delve into his thoughts about every aspect of life; but which; even without speaking Danish, will make you drift off into the sunset or focus your thoughts on a single task before you. The ten songs all seem to have a different ability, but it is always one that sounds universal, timeless and absolutely beautiful!

(Written by JK)

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