dinsdag 26 december 2017

Number 7

Number 7

That was the heavy Sasquatch lumbering around on Number 8. The seven spots that follow were on the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown list from the moment the voting started. Changing positions, almost falling off, but never completely. That some of these albums ended up this high as they did, was a bit of surprise to me. But not for this one. Not to me! For this one, was one of my personal favorites from the moment I heard it. It transported me back to the time driving around Norway for a certain article about cars and the Molde Jazz festival. That was helluva lot of fun! But driving the Atlantic Road with this album on would have been so much better! It shines in all its psychedelic goodness and moves into a slightly darker realm, in regards to their earlier release, without ever becoming oppressive. It actually sounds extremely wide with all the wonderful vistas they evoke. And with so much room for all the instruments and voice to excel, it leaves you breathless. And that is exactly what they do best, that wonderful translation of the  sensation of a massive open expanse into heavy psychedelic rock and making it weave through your head and heart. It is a leisurely majestic, yet urgent trek across a mountains terrain which moves the soul and inspires the spirit at every turn...

Red Mountains – Slow Wander

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