donderdag 14 december 2017

Number 19

Number 19

There was some mighty shuffling in these lower regions of the Top 20 Countdown. That’s just because there are so many great and amazing albums released every year. This one was riding high when the first lists came in and then suddenly stopped receiving votes and fell of the list. Weird and insane! But, on the last night enough cats voted it in again. Rightfully so! The Top 20 Countdown would have missed this one big time! And guess what, this five-piece made the list before as well. Back in 2015 they reached the 17th position. With their new album they’ve been on the Doom Charts for four months straight! In fact, they’re still on it! Slowly making an exit. Let’s see if they return there as well? It’s a luscious record filled with majestic riffs and brilliant vocals; and it is impossible to do a hatchet job on it. Heavy psychedelics mixed with seventies inspired doom, interspersed with classic rock, prog affinity and with every track sounding like it wants to head to outer space! It is not possible to do a hatchet job on this record, in fact the only thing possible is to sing almighty high praise of this record. There is no other like it! It flows like golden mercury and this quintet has tapped into the main vein of everything awesome in the universe! 

Ruby The Hatchet – Planetary Space Child

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