woensdag 13 december 2017

Number 20

Number 20

Well, we start the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown of 2017 off with a multi-layered bang! No less than three albums made the Number 20 spot! It could not be helped. You all voted massively for every one of the albums on the list and these three got the same amount of points. Two of which made the Top 20 Countdown before. In 2011 and 2012. “Holding high the torch that was lit by Hendrix, Clapton and West, Parker Griggs burns brightly with the white-hot heat that an amp turned up full can produce. Wah-wah, chugging, riffs, solos, distortion all make this heavy psych offering a masterpiece of freak out and head nodding. This is the good stuff.” Madman Tony Maim said that about one of these albums in a mention earlier this year. And yours truly claimed the following about the other one: “They make their ambitions known and look to a future, which is undoubtedly filled with fast paced stoner concrete as well as slow heartfelt little miracles. And it’s during those moments when the true beauty of this band shows itself best. A female vocalist that not just howls like the best, powerful, raw and voluminous. But also clean as a whistle and deeply evocative.  And whether they opt to go mysterious and psychedelic or fill your head with vertiginous riffs and wild colors, the guitar player shows itself master of every facet and shows himself to be one of the great ones.” And that same dingbat had the honor to write a blurb for the third album on the March Doom Charts! “Can you believe their first album was released in 2015? Ye gods, it feels like yesterday. Man, how I love that debut record. So, expectations were high. Pretty damn high. Well, each and every one of those expectations are met. This is blues with a capital B and a whole helluva lot of heaviness. Powerful, soulful and intense. These five cats from Oslo have outdone themselves, go check it out and be amazed by their almighty blues!” So, I guess there’s some almighty devilish royal thunder blues on Moscow radio tonight!

Royal Thunder – Wick

Radio Moscow – New Beginnings

The Devil And The Almighty Blues – II

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