vrijdag 15 december 2017

Number 18

Number 18

We’ve passed the three majestic bands on Number 20 and Ruby The Hatchet on Number 19 and we’re on to Number 18. And up till Number 15 in a few days, all of them just differ one or a few points. The first small leap occurs when we hit Number 14. But back to the album at hand. For on Number 18 we find one hell of an Australian motherfucker of a band! The quartet delivered such a titanous psychedelic doom and stoner metal album, it electrified everyone out there! Glacial motion on some moments and thundering down the highway like the marauding cavalry on rampage the next. There is no stopping these cats; they seem to be able to do it all. They sound like outlaws, like the last real gunfighters, like one-percenters on a mission to conquer the universe. Or at least a distant planet! And from here on in, you will either have to be with them or get the hell out of the way! Cause this is one bad ass slug that’s not stopping for anything or anyone!

Motherslug – The Electric Dunes Of Titan

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