zaterdag 16 december 2017

Number 17

Number 17

I probably came in late to this graveyard party! But even then, the party was still in full swing, getting louder and wilder by the minute. Motherslug delivered a different kind of party on Number 18; a dangerous one. It would all be very feasible on a Motherslug party to wake up naked, bloody and bashed the next morning. Not sure what actually happened, but remembering something about being chain-whipped and stomped on by a bunch of outlaws; and now, hurting all over, you’re looking for revenge. You won’t find it here. Not on this party. This one turns psychedelic and kandy-kolored quick. Cause these three Norwegians will give you respite and a place to catch your breath and space out on doomy hard rock. It’s a heavy masterpiece that once again mixes all those genres we all love so dearly. Seventies influences, stoner ditties and psychedelics ride high on those doom and hard rock foundations. With a strange current running through it, it will turn your hair white and your skin itch with electricity. Yes, drop some acid, forget about yesterday and turn everything purple!

Purple Hill Witch – Celestial Cemetry

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