maandag 25 december 2017

Number 8

Number 8

The following band is the final band that sort of fell of the Top 20 during the voting process. It is featured eight points above Samsara Blue Experiment, which we found on Number 9. But, Number 8 lies before us and it deserves every bit of attention. And of course this band has made the Top 20 Countdown before. Back in 2010 they reached Third place with their album entitled III. Released back in June, the nine tracks maneuver expertly through all the stoner trucking and desert fuzzing we love so dearly. It is a classic take on modern rock and the other way around. With every record they release the move ever forward towards a more progressive view of the grungy landscape that lays beneath them. Turning their sights on Hammond organs and other musical possibilities. They are slowly turning into real stoner rock aces. Top Gun fighters that know how to make their huge and beastly sound, sound even more animalistic and massive. And this is thanks, paradoxically enough, to their technical prowess and their righteous instinctive feel when to show power or when to pull back on the throttle and let the machine move itself... Ride the sky and feel the groove!

Sasquatch – Maneuvers

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