dinsdag 19 december 2017

Number 14

Number 14

We jump almost twenty-five points from Electric Wizard on Number 15 to reach the Number 14 spot of the 2017 Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown. An album that made it to the Number One spot of the Doom Charts back in March. But the band never made it unto the Countdown before, due to the fact that it is their first album in over twenty years time. “The mythos returns with this fantastic new milestone. The album is an extensive musical journey that spans time through all eras of this iconic band as the past, present, and future meld into one massive, cohesive musical statement. The first truly valid contender for Best Album Of 2017 has arrived!” Master Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker (Taste Nation) wrote as a blurb. And righteously so!  Moving much more into the old-school metal and punk approach their doom always contained, it has so much groove, so many memorable riffs and so much personality it is a sacred record in every sense of the word. And it is this kind of personality we all need be obsessed with!

The Obsessed – Sacred

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