vrijdag 22 december 2017

Number 11

Number 11

And once again we only jump one measly point from Pallbearer and their Heartless album on Number 12 to reach Number 11. We almost enter the Top 10 of the Top 20 countdown. And I am sure we all agree that every album we passed so far could just as easily have ended up a bit higher and that we are already missing certain albums. Thinking, they must surely have ended up in the Top 10 in that case. Well, this album missed entering the Top 10 by almost twenty points. But nobody missed out on enjoying the hell out of it this year! Released early 2017 it ticks all the right boxes in the absolute right way. It is fuzzy, it is groovy, it is psychy and it is spacey! Riff heavy rock that bounces and pounces as it rides the cosmic highway with such an amazing flow it not just aims for the awesome; but skips many steps to reach legendary proportions. And the only reason they probably did not end up higher, is because their righteous strangeness lasts half an hour... Only half an hour and then the awesome ride is over... And we all could use more and more! Shit, we all want more and more! More! More!

Mothership – High Strangeness

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  1. First album in the Stonerhive list of my top 20. Man, I really have no taste. I believe they were on n° 16 in mine ....


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