zondag 10 december 2017

Dig Deeper – In Central European Time

Dig Deeper – In Central European Time
Alien Agency – 2017
Rock, Psych, Roots, Folk, Blues, Country, Americana, Kraut, Space
Rated: ****

Scandinaviana. Indeed. The Norwegian four-piece Dig Deeper serve us a tasty platter of Americana and American roots rock with a Scandinavian earmark. A European perspective is ofcourse very present on In Centreal European Time. Which is also the starting point for all the psychedelic, kraut and space rock influences one can decipher throughout the record. But don’t get me wrong. This is roots and easy on the ears rock shimmering with gigantic vistas. The quartet plays with such warmth and intensity the songs immediately nestle in your soul. Six playful yet very raw tracks that are layered to such a degree you keep discovering new things about them. Just like all their influences, some of them obvious, others slightly hidden. But if you imagine a Neil Young jamming with Pink Floyd right about now, it would be a very justified image. A real gem of a record meant for endless car rides, sweet summer evenings or cold wintery night by the fire place. A record for all times in fact. A record for the ages…

(Written by JK)

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