zondag 17 december 2017

Number 16

Number 16

We pass out under the celestial sky on Number 17 while everything turned purple thanks to the majestic tones of Celestial Cemetery by Purple Hill Witch. And on Number 16 we find one of those albums that came flying in very late thanks to the many votes cast the final day. Which seems fitting for it also caught our ears pretty late. Unfortunately late yes, because it’s one hell of a kicker! Out on Ripple Music the eight tracks are filled with wild riffs and seem to marry loads of different aspects of everything heavy we all love. This is one hell of a special album! A bluesy desert groove and a massive load of psychedelic fuzz fly around your eyes and ears making your spine shiver and your heart burn! Yes, let’s go overboard again with the accolades and call this the album of the season. For it will make December turn hot and sweaty and melt every inch of snow with its fiery tones and flammable compositions! 

The Flying Eyes – Burning Of The Season

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