zaterdag 23 december 2017

Number 10

Number 10

As we enter the Top 10, we jump almost twenty points this time around. We leave Mothership breathing dust and croaking an ugly cough on Number 11 as we prepare to join this crazy cult! They came out left field and took everyone by surprise. Sure, we enjoyed the hell out of that 2016 album. But I guess nobody expected something this insanely good! Themselves included, so it seems. They must have known they created something wild and wonderful, but they were not prepared for the enormous amount of love to be shown for the album. They galloped high and mighty across the Doom Charts and stayed there for a few months. And rightfully so, for it is a total ripper! As Bucky Brown (from the Ripple Effect) already stated on the Doom Charts: “As expected, the new album is a total ripper. The blues are as heavy as ever, the psych factor overflowing with dusty fuzz, vocals grizzling with dreamy rigor, and mountains of riffs that rattle the stage like a wild mustang bucking through the Americana spirit world.” Right on! Ride on!

Youngblood Supercult - The Great American Death Rattle

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