donderdag 28 december 2017

Number 5

Number 5

Almost ten points above Dopelord we find two bands! Yes, we passed through the haze on Number 6 to reach two albums provided by two bands who impressed the hell out of all you out there. One instrumental mini-LP that is the culmination of the two works that came before this luscious end of the trilogy. Heavy and loud, yet also peaceful and quiet. This record vibrates on a completely different plane. Its psychedelic nature and krautrock elements surf high on the cosmic highway of fuzz and leave the listener longing for even more jams. And in comes the German trio with a highly different style of heaviness. Their seventies inspired stoner will have you stomping and humping in no time. Psychedelic blues and hard rock trucking! Darker then this albums predecessors the three manage to experiment within their own carved out reality, expanding borders, conquering foreign territories and long forgotten wastelands. Ten tracks that are as tough as they are rough! Yes, surf high on golden vibrations or get as wild as these times call for! On Number 5 we rock out to...

Causa Sui – Vibraciones Doradas


Kadavar – Rough Times

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