woensdag 27 december 2017

Number 6

Number 6

Five points above Red Mountains; which we found on Number 7 we find an album which was released in the first weeks of this horrible year of our Lord 2017. Doom. Metal. Vintage. Seventies. They are all key words here. The six tracks are all doom soaked, sonic wickedness, extremely heavy and completely drenched with a bloody haze. It's a Polish quartet that uses everything classic to produce something that sounds evil, occult and mystical without ever really occupying any of those words totally. For, there is no slaughtering of innocent children here or maidens let to an altar to be sacrificed. No, the mesmerizing and hallucinatory tracks make you envision lizards living inside celestial bodies or filthy priests dancing silly dances. And yes, it will make you ache for even more of that good dope... For dope it is! Really dope!

Dopelord - Children of the haze    

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