zondag 10 december 2017

The Stoner HiVe top 20 Countdown of 2017

The Stoner HiVe top 20 Countdown of 2017

Three days left to send in your lists for the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown of 2017! Which will start on December 12! For yes, just like every year since the HiVe started, back in 2009, we shall of course do the year end countdown. But just like every year we need your help. We need to know what albums made your head spin, blood boil and your bones jump with pure euphoria! So please, my lovely fellow freaks, send your lists to our email or message them to the Stoner HiVe Facebook page...

The rules: vote for any amount of albums or EP’s released in 2017. (And at the very end of December 2016.) If you dug only one; name that one. If you dug 78; name all of them! It doesn’t matter how much, one, five, 10, 13, 20 or 41. We just want to know which albums made you go crazy! So far we’re approaching the maximum amount of lists we have ever received… So please, send yours now, so we can best our grand total! The deadline to send in your list closes on December the 12th… So there’s still enough time to get crackin… Three whole days in fact! Go on… If not for yourself or me; do it for all the rest of the lovely freaks out there… Scurrying in the HiVe

Send your lists HERE

Visit the blog for past years editions!

Do you remember all the Number One’s of pas editions? 

Greenleaf last year, Elder before that... But before that?

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