donderdag 17 januari 2019

Weird Tales – Hell Services Cost A Lot

Weird Tales – Hell Services Cost A Lot
Self Released – 2019
Doom, Metal, Psych, Sludge
Rated: ****

With a new bass-player, the old one may or may not have been turned to jelly due to the effects of acid, the Polish trio Weird Tales continue on with their wild journey through the psychedelic doom landscape. We already loved The Fall, the collection of EP’s, the band released last year. But the new release Hell Services Cost A Lot takes things to a different maddening level. There is doom there, there definitely is. And sometimes it even resembles, for a moment, something archetypal doom. But for the most part it all goes to pieces, like your sanity, thanks to the demented sounding vocals, the complicated rhythm changes, guitars that quickly shift in color and drums that pound and pound and pound on the walls of the adjacent formaldehyde smelling room. Breaks that push the dynamics into ever more delirious realms and bass-work that rumbles and rolls like crazy Edgar and his tractor tire. He loves his tire. And we love this bass! The Weird Tales three have cooked up quite a lovely and deranged new story for themselves and we can only sit, mouth agape, saliva dripping and listen to how it all unfolds!

(Written by JK)

woensdag 16 januari 2019

Bad Mojos – I Hope You OD

Bad Mojos – I Hope You OD
Voodoo Rhythm Records – 2018
Rated: ****

So often when you are in need of some atavistic punk you take out some Ramones. You can never go wrong with the Ramones. Or perhaps some Black Flag? Or Bad Brains? Dead Kennedys can also be the right way to go or The Misfits. And yes, we can list some other amazing punk bands from a decade or more ago. But how many can you list that actually do something to your head and heart from this era? Well, here are the Bad Mojos from Switzerland to remedy that! I Hope You OD was inspired by GG Allin and Mahatma Ghandi they claim. With true punk spirit the ten, one and a half minute tracks, speed, kick and punch by like a psychotic hobo on speed and acid. Raw, trashy and incredibly grimy. Shit, fuck and kick ass! There was no pure and unadulterated punk release in 2018 that can beat the Bad Mojos and their I Hope You OD release!

(Written by JK)

maandag 14 januari 2019

Center Of The Earth – Tolkion

Center Of The Earth – Tolkion
Self Released - 2018
Stoner, Doom
Rated: *****

Hailing from Denmark, the Tolkion album from Center Of The Earth would have been very high on my end of year list if I had heard it in time. Big Ass riffs are order of the day, served up with helpings of fuzz and dollops of heaviness. This is heavy ….. mountain like …… an unstoppable flow of sludgy goodness mixed with stoner doom. Low tuned guitars are in perfect harmony with thunderous drums and despairing vocals. With the glacial pace these songs are performed at, there is plenty of space for the massive chords to ring out to their conclusion giving the tracks room to breathe. This is the good stuff. And because they are good guys, it is Name Your Own Price on Bandcamp. Stop reading this, get downloading. 

(Written by Tony Maim)

Stoner HiVe’s Top 5 artists listened to last week…

Stoner HiVe’s
Top 5 artists listened to last week…

It’s late. But we were in a hurry this morning, we had to catch the train to Amsterdam to meet up with the guys from De Staat to talk about their new album Bubble Gum. Crazy catchy, groovy, danceable and with an amazing amount of hooks. Barbed hooks! You won’t be able to get most of them tracks out of your head after hearing it a couple of times! Sunshine Rock is the new Bob Mould! Much, sorry for this, sunnier than earlier albums! Lighter! But I must confess that the track with the most rage in it, gets most of my love. A Pale Horse Named Death is back with an album called When The World Becomes Undone! And what a return it is! Dark, moody and with every imaginative sound vistas. And we were back on our love for The Legendary Tiger Man. We still can’t get enough of his Misfit album! Out on Dirty Water Records, it will remain the soundtrack to my destiny!  Roadog, with one D! Straight from the dirty desert slums of.. errr.. Helsinki, Finland… Their Reinventing The Wheels album sits perfect among all the biker rock albums out there. Dusty, grimy and made for the road… Check’m out! Check’m all out!

vrijdag 11 januari 2019

Soon… Very soon…

Soon… Very soon…

Yes, those dangerous looking kitties know the deal… Soon, very soon, the Stoner HiVe shall continue its normal broadcasting service. We had a grand time looking back at 2018! But there are a lot of albums that now deserve our attention. Now, all we need are about fifty hours a day more to keep listening to them all! Cause we can’t get enough of every album that has etched their signature on our soul! We love music and everything about it! 

First up,  are some crazy words by Madman Tony Maim
Check it out after the weekend! 
Party well! 

The Doom Charts Top 100 of 2018

The Doom Charts Top 100 of 2018

"Making an album should be an honest experience. It shouldn’t be about trying to gauge where popular music is today; it should be about artistic expression and putting down what you want to put down." ~ Scott Weiland

I think that about sums up the Doom Charts intent as well. We are listeners and fans, some of us artists, and all of us are here for the sole purpose of sharing that artistic expression and feeling among like minded spirits. This year was an exceptional year for heavy music as we’re sure you all can agree to. We took every vote from each contributor throughout the year and tallied it up as if it was one big monthly chart. Statistically we had a total of 6,832 album votes during the year with 1,563 different albums voted on and listened to by the Doom Charts Team collectively. Its a wonderful thing how much music is out there and we hope the Doom Charts helped you find some killer albums throughout the year. Each and every album voted on meant something special to somebody at some time. Let us know what you think and lets hope 2019 brings us as much great new tunes we heard this year.

Welcome to Doom Charts, representing some of the finest bloggers, journalists, radio, podcasters and album reviewers from the doom-stoner-heavy underground around the globe.  Each month, our critics submit their picks for the best new doom, sludge metal, stoner-psychedelic and heavy rock albums.  The results are compiled and tabulated into the chart below.  This is a one-stop shop for the best new albums in the world…

The Doom Chart for December 2018

Doom Chart 

"The two most joyous times of the year are Christmas morning and the end of school."  ~ Alice Cooper

Christmas has passed, and most schools are out on winter break, but I think Alice could agree, the third most joyous time of year is Doom Chart release day. December chart is here. We say it every year, but 2018 will go down in the books as one of the busiest and best years of quality heavy underground releases. Hell, one could argue the current decade will go down as the best of all time due to the ease of discovery and accessibility afforded by the world wide web and social media. We are here to do our part by sharing what the collective mass of various music junkies involved here at the Doom Charts has been digging. Despite the urge to just go straight into a “best of the year” type list, we figured it would be fair to include December as a typical month since there is 12 of them in a full year. December tally yielded 344 different albums sent in by almost 30 of our fellow contributors. To make it this month an album needed at least 4 votes and the higher the ranking the more weight as usual. #1 pick had 11 votes out of nearly 30 different lists for a feel for the competition we see each month. All picks are sent in with non-biased passion by our contributors who have been faithful at sharing what they are digging during the month.

Welcome to Doom Charts, representing some of the finest bloggers, journalists, radio, podcasters and album reviewers from the doom-stoner-heavy underground around the globe.  Each month, our critics submit their picks for the best new doom, sludge metal, stoner-psychedelic and heavy rock albums.  The results are compiled and tabulated into the chart below.  This is a one-stop shop for the best new albums in the world…

Sure. You’ve all been grooving to those albums for a while now. But I still wanted to get the word out that the December Doom Charts have been out there for a few weeks… Just like the Top 100 of 2018… Which we will also post in a few seconds! Go check’m out! Check’m all out!

woensdag 9 januari 2019

Stoner HiVe’s Top 50 artists listened to last year…

Stoner HiVe’s 
Top 50 artists listened to last year…

We end our glances back to that majestic musical year of 2018 with one final post. The post that shows us which artists we listened to the most during those 365 days. It also shows that we definitely should have listed a few albums in the personal Top 20 that are only featured in the list of albums that we will cherish for ever and ever…. And we will! There are over a hundred albums that were released during 2018 that we will carry with us; as a soundtrack to the past year and a soundtrack to all the adventures we will have in the future! Thanks one final time to all the crazies that voted for the Top 20 Countdown and thanks a million times over to all the bands and artists that released one of those amazing records during the past year! We love them all and we love you all!

  • 1     Arctic Monkeys
  • 2     Monster Magnet
  • 3     Greenleaf
  • 4     Jon Spencer
  • 5     Avon
  • 6     We Hunt Buffalo
  • 7     Dandy Brown
  • 8     DeWolff
  • 9     Jefferson Airplane
  • 10     The Good Hand
  • 11     Sundrifter
  • 12     Crypt Trip
  • 13     Komatsu
  • 14     Deville
  • 15     OLMEG
  • 16     Earthless
  • 17     Queens of the Stone Age
  • 18     Maidavale
  • 19     ASG
  • 20     Brant Bjork
  • 21     The Legendary Tiger Man
  • 22    Trail
  • 23     King Buffalo
  • 24     Oblivious
  • 25     White Boy Wasted
  • 26     All Them Witches
  • 27     Dave Catching
  • 28     An Evening With Knives
  • 29     Ape Machine
  • 30     David Bowie
  • 31     Gypsy Sun Revival
  • 32     Wasted Theory
  • 33     Henry Derek Elis
  • 34     Orange Sunshine
  • 35     Craneium
  • 36     Mojo Bozo's Electric Circus
  • 37     Birth of Joy
  • 38     Blackwater Holylight
  • 39     Fu Manchu
  • 40     Red Dragon Cartel
  • 41     Spirit Division
  • 42     Black Orchid Empire
  • 43     Castle
  • 44     dEUS
  • 45     Hypnos
  • 46     Massa
  • 47     The Sore Losers
  • 48     Electric Huldra
  • 49     Ozone Mama
  • 50     Void Commander

dinsdag 8 januari 2019

JK’s – Personal Top 20

JK’s – Personal Top 20

The amount of amazing albums released this year is once again mind blowing. When trying to write down my personal favorites I quickly exceeded a hundred. I then decided to start listing the albums that did the most for me in every way conceivable. And quickly reached fifty. It wasn’t really possible to tone it down to thirty. But I did so anyway. These thirty below are without a doubt the albums that moved me the most. I reckon most of them on the list could easily have ended up higher or a bit lower depending on the moment when I listen to them. And so are the over seventy albums that I absolutely adore as well that I am not listing here… For all intended purposes, the list below are my favorite albums and the numbers 1 to 3 are there for a reason! And yes, as I mentioned, I actually have a list of over a hundred albums that I will definitely cherish until the end of time... Thanks to all the artists and bands for making them!

So, without further ado, here’s the list of Personal Favorites of 2018 by JK!

1.    Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

2.    Trail – Spaces 

3.    We Hunt Buffalo – Head Smashed In

4.    Spacelord – Indecipher

5.    Blondstone – My Dark Sweet Friend

6.    The Legendary Tigerman – Misfit

7.    Hooka Hey – War Cry

8.    Fire Down Below – Hymn Of The Cosmic Man

9.    Six Months Of Sun – Below The Eternal Sky

10.    DeWolff – Thrust

11.    Lady Electric – Four Years After

12.    Satori Junk – The Golden Dwarf

13.    Death Alley – Superbia

14.    Cosmic Fall – In Search Of Outer Space

15.    An Evening With Knives – Serrated

16.    Mythic Sunship – Upheaval

17.    Clamfight – III 

18.    Vvlva – Path To Virtue

19.    King Buffalo – Longing To Be The Mountain

20.    Orango – Evergreens

21.    Mudhoney – Digital Garbage

22.    Arcadian Child – Superfonica

23. The Good Hand – Blissful Yearning

24.    Greenleaf – Hear The Rivers

25.    Yob – Our Raw Heart

26.    1968 – Ballads Of The Godless

27.    All Them Witches – ATW

28.    Earthless – Gifted By The Wind

29.    Somali Yacht Club – The Sea

30.    Komatsu – New Horizon

31.    Ape Machine – Darker Seas

maandag 7 januari 2019

Tony Maim's - Personal Top 20

Tony Maim's - Personal Top 20

Madman Tony Maim has graced us with many mentions of great albums during the past year and has ofcourse also graced us with his list of favorite records of 2018. He does tailor that a bit to the Stoner HiVe identity he confesses and states that he keeps of discovering new amazing albums all the time... Plus, he discovers every year again that he has forgotten to add certain essential albums of that very year... 'But hey, that's life!' It sure is maestro, it sure is...

So, without further ado, here’s the list of Personal Favorites of 2018 by Madman Tony Maim

1. Hashteroid – S/T

2. The Death Wheelers – I Tread On Your Grave

3. Windhand – Eternal Return

4. Grass – Get In The Van

5. Seedy Jeezuz – Polaris Oblique

6. Forming The Void - Rift

7. Black Rainbows – Pandaemonium

8. Black Atlas – Weight Of The World

9. Crushing Yellow Sun – Vast

10. Fu Manchu – Clone Of The Universe

11. Earthless – Black Heaven

12. Sleep – The Sciences

13. Foghand – Awaken To Destroy

14. Mystic Sons - S/T

15. Orange Goblin – The Wolf Bites Back

16. Thunderhorse – S/T

17. Oak – II

18. Wasted Theory – Warlords Of The New

19. We Hunt Buffalo – Head Smashed In

20. Mudhoney – Digital Garbage

21. Monster Magnet – Mindfucker

22. Warlung – Sleepwalker

23. Demonauta – Temaukel, The Spirit

24. ASG – Survive Sunrise

25. Spacetrucker – Smooth Orbit 2nd Pass

vrijdag 4 januari 2019

Doktor420’s – Personal Top 20

Doktor420’s – Personal Top 20

Just like every year we’ll also put up our personal favorite albums of the past year. And just like every year we are all amazed by the sheer amount of great records that we listened to or are just discovering. And as our very own guru states: ‘there are albums added to the list with every hour that passes.’ And we dig making those lists and we dread them as well. For it is highly impossible to rank them in order. So, Doktor420 does not really do the order thing. He mostly ranks them as Must Have’s and Should Have’s. ‘Albums released in December would surely make the list more if we would do the Top 20 at the end of January’, is the thought of the good Doktor420. And yes, we all know the deal. We all love certain albums more at certain times and some albums even more at other times. Some are growers and some are missed due to certain circumstances... 

So, without further ado, here’s the list of Personal Favorites of 2018 by Doktor420!

Doktor420's must have's 2018

1. Trail - Spaces

2. Zen Bison - Krautrocker

3. Black Elephant - Cosmic Blues

4. JIRM - Surge Ex Monumentis

5. Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows - Hymns

6. Fuzz Evil - High On You

7. Satori Junk - The Golden Dwarf

8. Rotor - Sechs

9. Somali Yacht Club - The Sea

10. Samavayo - Vatan

11. Boss Keloid - Melted On The Inch

12. Monster Magnet - Mindfucker

13. IAH - II

14. Black Rainbows - Pandæmoniumm

15. Blackwater Holylight - Blackwater Holylight

16. Dead Now - Dead Now

17. Fire Down Below - Hymn Of The Cosmic Man

18. Khan - Vale

19. Re-Stoned - Ram's Head

20. Turnip - Haunted Stereo

21. SpaceMetal - Shroud

22. Kaiser - 1st Sound

23. Exidia - Exidia

24. Domkraft - Flood

25. A Gazillion Angry Mexicans - StonerPopDoomPunk

26. Chivo - Waiting for so Long

27. Cleõphüzz - Wizard of phüzz

28. Dune Pilot - Lucy

29. Kayleth - Colossus

30. Earthless - Black Heaven

31. ------alphabetical--should-have's------

32. 1968 - Ballads of the Godless

33. Alms - Act One

34. ASG - Survive Sunrise

35. Avon - Dave's Dungeon

36. Awooga - Conduit

37. Barst - The Endeavour

38. Black Mirrors - Look into the Black Mirror

39. Black Orchid Empire - Yugen

40. Comacozer & Blown Out - In Search of Highs - Volume 1

41. Crushing Yellow Sun - In Stereo

42. Dunbarrow - II

43. Electric Citizen - Helltown

44. Forming The Void - Rift

45. Full Tone Generator - Valley Of The Universe

46. Ghost - Prequelle

47. Godsleep - Coming of Age

48. Graveyard - Peace

49. Great Rift - Vesta

50. Grusom - II

51. Legend Of The Seagullmen - Legend Of The Seagullmen

52. Motorowl - Atlas

53. Mr. Plow - Maintain Radio Silence

54. MuN - Opia

55. Myrrors - Borderlands

56. Mythic Sunship - Upheaval

57. Plainride - Life On Ares

58. Re-Stoned - Stories Of The Astral Lizard

59. Sabel - Re-Generation

60. Saola - Saola EP

61. Sergeant Thunderhoof - Terra Solus

62. Skull - The Endless Road Turns Dark

63. Sledge - On The Verge Of Nothing

64. Sleep - The Sciences

65. Sleeping Pandora - Blue Sphere

66. Sleeping Pandora - From Above

67. Slift - La Planète Inexplorée

68. Sölar - Your Creed

69. Son of the Morning - Son of the Morning

70. Southfork - In Brackets

71. Spurv - Myra

72. Stoned Karma - Secret Prayer

73. Sunnata - Outlands

74. Toundra - Vortex

75. Ugly Kings - Darkness Is My Home

76. Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Wasteland

77. Universal Hippies - Evolution of Karma

78. Vvlva - Path of Virtue

79. Yawning Man - The Revolt Against Tired Noises

80. YOB - Our Raw Heart

donderdag 3 januari 2019

Onwards and Upwards in 2019 !

Onwards and Upwards in 2019 !

As promised a little more data and stuff about the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown of 2018. In the end 79 of the 82 lists that you lovely freaks sent in were counted. Two came in a few days too late and one was completely overlooked, unfortunately. The amount of albums voted for was no less than 388 albums. There were quite a few lists that came in that listed only one to three or five albums. Which causes the album count to be a bit lower this year. Below we feature the Number 21 to 100, with Domkraft and their amazing Flood album missing three points to make it to the Top 20. And Vortex by Toundra missing 84 points to do the same thing. To be fair, below are the album listed at Number 21 to 100 but a lot of those album gathered the same amount of votes. If we would really move to the 100th position down the list according to points we would end up with an extra list of  102 albums, which would give us Captain Caravan with their Shun The Sun album at the 100th spot. But we’re sticking with the list below. And marvel at the amount of amazing freaking heavy music release this year! Once again! It’s a good time to be alive for us heavy rock fiends!

Domkraft – Flood
Samavayo – Vatan
Naxatras – III
The Skull – The Endless
Sergeant Thunderhoof – Terra Solus
Holy Grove – Holy Grove II
Mos Generator – Shadowlands
Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows – Hymns
We Hunt Buffalo – Head Smashed In
Deadbird – III: The Forest Within The Tree
Fire Down Below – Hymn Of The Cosmic Man
High On Fire – Electric Messiah
Monster Magnet – Mindfucker
Dunbarrow – II
Mountain Dust – Seven Storms
Gozu – Equilibrium
Disrule – Sleep In Your Honour
Rifflord – 7 Cremation Ground/ Meditation
Black Elephant – Cosmic Blues
Clutch – Book of Bad Decisions
Turnip – Haunted Stereo
Full Tone Generator – Valley Of The Universe
Deathbell – With The Beyond
Kayleth – Colossus
Grajo – Slowgod II
Trail – Spaces
Plainride – Life on Ares
Black Rainbows – Pandemonium
Ape Machine – Darker Seas
Mournful Congregation – The Incubus of Karma
Spacelord – Indecipher
Lucifer – Lucifer II
Khan – Vale
Thou – Magus
Haunted – Dayburner
Wolftooth – Wolftooth
Svvamp – Svvamp II
Corrosion of Conformity – No Cross, No Crown
Demonauta – Temaukel, The Spirit Before Time
Rotor – Sechs
The Watchers – Black Abyss
Solstice – White Horse Hill
Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
Fu Manchu – Clone Of The Universe
Mansion – First Death Of The Lutheran
Sundrifter – Visitations
Zen Bison – Krautrocker
Witchskull – Coven’s Will
Mr. Bison – Holy Oak
Moab – Trough
Brimstone Coven – What Was and What Shall Be
Merlin – The Wizard
Earth Ship – Resonant Sun
Bort – Crossing the Desert   
Sabel – Re-Generation
Grotto – Circle of Magi
Famyne – Famyne
Horehound – Holocene
Apostle of Solitude – From Gold to Ash
Thal – Reach For The Dragon’s Eye
Exidia – Exidia
Foot – Buffalo
Planet of Zeus – Eleven The Hard Way
Sun Voyager – Seismic Vibes
Monster Truck – True Rockers
Fuzz Evil – High On You
Komatsu – A  New Horizon
Dead Meadow – The Nothing They Need
Craneium – The Narrow Line
Psychonaut – Unfold The God Man
Satori Junk – The Golden Dwarf   
Vanishing Kids – Creation
Fernando – Fernando
The Sword – Used Future
Birth of Joy – Hyper Focus
Rezn – Calm Black Water
Toundra – Vortex

dinsdag 1 januari 2019

Number 1

Number 1

We jump almost forty points to reach the Gold Medalist of the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown of 2018 according to the 79 of you lovely freaks that sent in their lists of favorite albums this year. We thank all of those voters once again, without you this would not be possible and it would not be this much fun to do. We also thank all those bands that made the Top 20 with all of those amazing albums! But we also thank the bands that did not make it; cause there is beauty on all of them! And like every year, we will list the 21 to 100 in the next few days somewhere. So, at least a few of those albums will get a little more attention; even though they probably deserve even more. But even though it was obvious from the picture above, we still need to say a few words about the Number 1 album of 2018. Cause it came with a bang! Like a gunshot on an empty street! Like a hammer strike against the Gods… We are referring to the album released by a legendary trio. A gang of three who had not produced a full album for twenty years. The doom is vibrant, alive and more ingenious than ever. This is not doom that will drag you towards the abyss, but one that takes you up high and on an adventure. We’re going on a journey packed with riff-axes and bass-machetes. Raw, slow, delaying and discoloring sludge-riffs, carrying monotonous vocals that waft you to sleep. Thick, dirty, bass-tones deliver the perfect heartbeat for your slumber and dreams of the ideal marriage between stoner metal and doom… The Gold Medal goes to…  

Sleep - The Sciences