maandag 23 december 2019

Number 10

Number 10

A very close call indeed getting into the Top 10! Cause we jump only 4 points from Lo-Pan on Number 11 to reach the album that features on the Number 10 spot! A band that we have loved since the very beginning and which we mentioned on the HiVe with almost every release. They however never made it to the Top 20 Countdown for some insane reason. But here they are now! They in fact almost made it with another album as well. Cause yes, this band managed to release two amazing records in one year. And the other one ended up around the 30th spot. Madman Tony Maim wrote about these cats when the album came out: “These guys just do it right. Expansive soundscapes carry you along – in my head I am riding a skeletal horse across a blasted city ruin being trailed by mutated wolves and shambling cannibal women who are strangely sexy. Stunning guitar work and song composition make me want this piped directly into my ears at all times. This is the good shit.” Strangely sexy, strangely satanic and strangely evil! On Number 10 we find!

Clouds Taste Satanic - Evil Eye

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