woensdag 25 december 2019

Number 8

Number 8

A jump of 35 points today to leave Witchers Creed on Number 9 behind us. We arrive at Number 8 today and it’s one that has been on very high rotation over here and probably at the drummer of Phe’s house as well. Cause we suggested it to his wife to buy as a birthday present… We're looking at another Ripple Music release... And we’re Down Under once again, in the country already so dramatically plagued by climate change. These cats don’t do the ever present Pub Rock from the island, no no no, these crazies move distinctly into the past to gobble up all that came from the seventies. But then they turn into something spectacularly groovy, fuzzy and modern. This booms and this thunders, this quakes and this shakes your bones! It’s intoxicating, like the drinks served in a premier dive bar, those sun-dried Australian tunes will have your mind drift back towards the atavistic stoner bands, the proto metal outfits and the doom gods. It is that good. And then some. It’s rock. Menacing, tough, resilient rock. It’s heavy rock. And it will induct you quickly in their dangerous midst! On Number 8 we find!

Arrowhead - Coven Of The Snake

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