maandag 30 december 2019

Number 3

Number 3

We jump 30 points from Saint Karloff on Number 4 to enter the Top 3. And here we find an album that held the Number 1 spot the first few days the lists came in. An album we had definitely expected on the Top 20; but which I had not thought would be among the very top of said list. But it is here and we ofcourse put it on repeat when all you crazy music fiends out there started voting for it. We were instantly hooked when it came out in May of this year through Ripple Music. But that was May, we must confess, and the albums that came out throughout the year afterwards made us forget about this super record. But now, back on repeat, we get it! We get it for sure! Cause their super fuzzy blend of seventies inspired blues and subtle rock ‘n roll has a very sweet and sunny  charm. It ticks all the right boxes of early hardrock and super stoner grooves. There are ofcourse influences of Zeppelin and Sabbath; but the psychedelic take on some tracks, the occult atmosphere on others and the huge gestures sets them apart from those early bands and all the groups that show their colors more. This powertrio knows where to grab the mustard and then produce something super infectious. So once more, over we go, on the Bronze Medal position, with once again, seventies inspired awesomeness… Number 3 of 2019 is!

Salem's Bend - Supercluster

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  1. Two of my favorite songs of the year Spaceduster and Show Me The Witch are on this album.


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