maandag 16 december 2019

Number 17

Number 17

Swan Valley Heights & Horseburner; we found both of them on Number 18! But we’re on Number 17 now and we got there by jumping 15 points. Their fourth album, aptly titled IV, had been hanging in a horrible kind of balance, there was so much strife and bad omens for the band and it’s members that it was highly doubtful this album would ever be recorded. That pain, that existential fear and angst gets so loud, mournful and tangible when the vocalist sings: ‘I want to be alive, to see my child grow.’ A sting in the heart… On those moments, when the vulnerability shines through all those heavy riffs, those thundering drums is when this album impresses the most. That piano in the final song. The guitar lines on the third track. All so wonderfully done; as is all their metal noise, their fast paced sludge, their crush and stomp, their animalistic and warring sound! On Number 17 we find…

Beastwars – IV

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