vrijdag 13 december 2019

The Stoner HiVe top 20 countdown of 2019

The Stoner HiVe top 20 countdown of 2019

And so it begins…

We have long since passed the 12:00 CET deadline on December the 13nd of this once again amazing musical year of 2019. Each year, since the beginning of the Stoner HiVe back in 2009 has been filled with so many great albums. It is simply stupefying to think of all that magic and musical mojo! Really, it blows my mind… So, my thanks goes out to all those amazing bands and artists who provided us with so much incredible music, so much musical mojo, that we all love so dearly. But hey the deadline for the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown of 2019 has passed! And we have received the amazing amount of 93 lists! A record for us! Thanks everyone for sending your list. We will raffle out a little gift a little while into the Countdown.. For right now… Now... We cannot wait, we want to reveal the Number 20! The Number 20 according to all you cats out there who decided to vote for the Countdown this year! 

So, one final thank you, to all of you, the ones who made all those heavy albums we all love and to those who listened to it, fell in love with it and decided to vote for it for the HiVe! Cause without you gals and guys this would not be possible! And yes, this year there were, once again, a few of those crazy cats that went as far at putting way to many albums in order. Crazy… But that’s how it goes… The votes have been cast, the lists are in… Let’s start the countdown!

So… without further ado…

We give you, according to all of your votes,

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