vrijdag 13 december 2019

Nothing Is Real – Pain Is Joy

Nothing Is Real – Pain Is Joy
Self-Released – 2019
Doom, Sludge, Experimental
Rated: ****

Mysterious L.A. Doomsters Nothing Is Real whip up a crusting cocktail of horror on their latest release Pain is Joy. Expanding on the themes of their previous album "Only The wicked Are Pure", N.I.R. muscle in with opener 'Existence is Pain', spiralling in atonal guitars and grimy sludge undercurrents flexing with eastern harmonics. A carnage of evil riffage, fuzz-saturated and abyssal manifests plaintive ghouls of sax. 'Realms of Madness" treads malevolently, potion-fuelled with poisons and dread. Then the alluring, dark vocals wrap themselves in cloaks of hard Doom and compliment the noise perfectly, brimming with imminent presence. The musicianship and concept here is powerful, original and deeply rewarding on all fronts. Heavy as a planet. Title track 'Pain is Joy" opens with an aching hangover of strings and snares then snarls with contempt, crushing riffs which bleed into cruel guitar sharps and barbs then plummet the very depths of Doom in sinister slow - mo. Technically brilliant, bold and adventurous, N.I.R. find alchemy in their style. A superb example of Progressive Psychedelic Doom.

(Written by Reek of STOOM)

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