dinsdag 17 december 2019

Number 16

Number 16

After Beastwars on Number 17 we jump 35 points to reach three bands on Number 16! Indeed, all you freaks sending in their list managed to get no less than three bands the exact same amount of points on Number 16. Let’s start with the one that made Madman Tony Maim come out of nowhere like a sixties beat freak: “This album is one great big dose of lip-smacking, booze-guzzling, feedback-shaking, riff-making, occult-worshiping, coke-snorting, drum-pounding, sleaze-walking, retro-loving, fist-pumping, head-banging, heavy-making, groove-strutting, wah-wah working, trance-inducing, snake-licking, bass-thumping brilliance.” It came out of nowhere for me and after it also made the Number One of the Doom Charts that month we knew it was something special! And it is! What a release through Stoner Witch Records! Death blues with a doom groove, and so gritty it might have been found on a landfill somewhere. Second up is that Kyuss vibe, that Fu Manchu soul, that very Californian, that surf, skate or die take on stoner; but in this case from Down Under. Excellent album for every hot car ride, for every track through the desert and for every sweaty moment. Atavistic and pure stoner this will be a go to record for every sun blistered day! Last but not least from these three is a band that references the sun in their bandname. Which means we are in for something equally legendary right? And it is. Once again there is some glimmer of the ones that started it all, stoner, desert and some old grungy vibes but all of that condensed into something highly their own and divine fuzz. And those interludes, man! Out on Fuzzorama Records, new dimensions await and all of it is dense and massive! Yes, go check out all three of the bands we find on Number 16 !

The Black Furs – Stereophonic Freakout Vol. 1

Duneeater – No Gas No Good

Valley Of The Sun – Old Gods

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