zondag 15 december 2019

Number 18

Number 18

Torche occupies Number 19! And now we jump no less than 35 points to reach Number 18! A position which is occupied by two bands and their respective albums. Both of them released their second full-sized album, either early August or early September. One through Fuzzorama Records and the other through Ripple Music. Let’s talk about the Germans first. Cause they manage to put out a fuzz and a haze that seems to swim in an endless current of pure groove. After the first slow sensual sensory minutes the boom goes loud and the stoner, the psychedelic meandering gets you high and heavy. Oh man, how this power trio can turn you on and tune you in! They sow a seed deep inside that slowly grows until it blossoms during a three minute knife fight! And then there is the other one, the four from West Virginia, USA that try to steal the glory quickly gallop away!  “The vocal harmonies between the drummer and guitarist have never been stronger, and the layered instrumentation gives it a lush and colossal sound.” Bryan Coffey from Indy Metal Vault wrote on the Doom Charts of September. And he was right! They fit so perfectly on those in blues rooted hard rock rhythms, that stoner metal trucking and those all-out heavy tracks. So perfectly! Just like the balance between light and dark, raw and crisp, simple and complex! Both bands have outdone themselves and rightfully reached the Number 18 position! 

Swan Valley Heights - The Heavy Seed


Horseburner - The Thief

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