donderdag 29 december 2011

Number 3

“Howdy Partner, you’d better get a load of these Sweet San Salvador Sounds. They’re so good, you might be spittin biscuits on a dead possum soon…”

Number 3

Hail to these kings of the tight stoner groove and old school grunge attitude. Applause for the light swollen vocals of the singer and heavy licks and riffs of the axe slinger. Hats off for the pummeling drums and fat ass bass. Aah yes, this is how all sunny day rock outfits should sound when the end is nigh. It is that look into all that stoner has had to offer after the might riff came into existence without sounding retro; it is owning up to where you came from but never sounding outdated or copied. It is what we all long for when we find ourselves jamming out on a rainy Wednesday evening: that evil mutation of the mighty beast into something meant for tomorrow and maybe even for the ages. Without a doubt, these guys, who held the number one spot for quite some time, have build a masterpiece out of pillars of rock; and always with their own hands…

Lo-Pan – Salvador

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