donderdag 26 december 2019

Number 7

Number 7

You might not want to believe it, with so many votes coming in, but we move only 1 point, yes 1 point from Arrowhead on Number 8 to reach the album on Number 7. These cats reached Number 20 of the Stoner HiVe Top 20 Countdown with their sophomore release two years ago and their bluesy sound has been capturing our souls and imagination even more this year. It's released on that wild Blues For The Red Sun label from Norway. And their sound has become even grimier, dirtier, nastier and more commanding. This is dark blues, doomed and destined for those souls that live in the shadows. The groove even mightier than before and the scorching riffs inflaming the gut, the intestines and every other organ it can reach. There is a flow to it all that just seems to continue throughout, whether on fast-paced moments or the overall languid tempo; that flow whips you into a frenzied state. And every one of those tracks will keep you intrigued with every new listening session; they just seem to morph into something you need at that right and particular moment in time, and you probably did not even know you needed it; whatever it may mean. Indeed, it’s wicked and it’s powerful. It’s heavy and it’s blues. On Number 7 it’s!

The Devil And The Almighty Blues – Tres

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