zaterdag 14 december 2019

Number 19

Number 19

We jump 20 points from King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard on Number 20 to reach the album on Number 19! One that I, I must admit, I had personally reckoned would end up a bit higher on this years countdown. It is the bands fifth full-sized record and sees them, once again, changing everything up! Not just musically, but also in line-up. But don’t you worry, the sound still moves through the stoner landscape, the sludge scenery and the metal vistas. As always, yet as never before. Cause there seems to be so much more over the horizon. Something even more dynamic and hinting at endless possibilities. So big, so grand and then they manage to condense all that into something simple and elegant; yet low, robust and effective! Does it hold a candle to their earlier releases? Does it torch everything they did before? I must admit, I am still uncertain where exactly to position this album among their earlier releases; but you crazy lot voted it to become Number 19 of 2019!

Torche – Admission

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